Ukraine is doing everything possible to ensure that the supply of F-16 fighters to the military takes place as soon as possible.

This was stated on the air of the telethon by Head of the President's Office Andriy Yermak.

He said that for his part, Kyiv was to do everything as quickly as possible so as not to delay the process.

"As for the timing, I am sure that we will do everything related to the Ukrainian side quickly. I really hope that this is not about a very long time, but about months. But we will do everything to make it happen as soon as possible," Yermak said.

At the same time, Yermak said that training for Ukrainian pilots could begin soon. This issue is already at the bottom, maximum for a week.

Earlier, an American diplomat, Vice President of the US Institute of Peace William Taylor believes that soon the Armed Forces of Ukraine may receive longer-range artillery and F-16 aircraft from the United States.

In addition, we previously reported that the United States is not going to transfer modern F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine before the upcoming counteroffensive.

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