Ukraine could end the war by the end of the year. This requires as much modern technology as possible.

This was stated in an exclusive interview with TSN correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko by Dmytro Yarosh, commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army.

"I think we have a chance to end [the war] at the end of the year. It's not a fact that we will get it 100%, but with all this there is a chance, and we can do it," Dmytro Yarosh said.

According to the military, if this does not happen by the end of the year, Ukraine faces a protracted conflict of low intensity, as it was in the Donbas.

"I would just urge our allies to give us more BC and more modern equipment. And we would do all their mechanized divisions, motorized rifle brigades and so on. We just need more of everything, because unfortunately, we were not ready as we should have been ready for this full-scale conflict, but we have it as it is. Now we need to concentrate on how to make the New Year celebrate normally," Yarosh said.

We will remind, the commander of the Ukrainian volunteer army Dmytro Yarosh also stressed that the war in Ukraine, unleashed by Russia, can end quickly. And he explained what was needed for this.

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