The situation in Bakhmut remains difficult. Despite the fact that the activity of fighting near Bakhmut has decreased, the enemy continues to try to intensify.

This was told by Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar.

"During the day, there is a decrease in the intensity of fighting on the flanks in the suburbs of Bakhmut. But this does not mean that the enemy is weakening. On the contrary, the enemy is trying to strengthen on the flanks and relies on artillery fire, carrying out constant shelling," she said.

At the same time, the Ukrainian military is gradually advancing.

"In the city of Bakhmut, the number of enemy assault actions has been reduced. The enemy is replacing units. Our defenders control some part of the "Aircraft" area in the southwestern part of the city," Maliar said about the situation in the city.

Recall that the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have successes on the flanks near Bakhmut. There, Russians with an interesting past surrender to them.

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