On the night of May 24, the Russian reconnaissance ship Ivan Hurs was attacked by three drones. The incident occurred after passing the Bosphorus Strait at about 5:30 am.

This is reported by Russian Telegram channels.

In particular, "Rybar", which is allegedly connected with the security forces of Russia, writes that Russian sailors managed to repel the attack. The vessel did not seem to be damaged.

Officially, the Russian authorities of the annexed Crimea or representatives of the Russian Navy did not comment on the information.

Meanwhile, Russian media writes that "strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine" are carried out exclusively with the help of drones supplied by NATO countries.

The ship "Ivan Hurs" is a reconnaissance communication vessel. The ship is currently one of the most modern in the fleet of the Russian Federation. The ship's equipment allows detecting radio signals in a wide frequency range and determining the location of their source.