Ukrainian singer Sergey Babkin on Heroes' Day and Marine Corps Day released a powerful song "127MA", which he dedicated to Ukrainian defenders.

The artist wrote the song at the request of the commander of the 127th Separate Brigade of the TrO Forces of the Armed Forces of Kharkiv. The idea of the track arose from the artist in February this year, when the musician traveled with concerts for the military.

Serhiy Babkin with a soldier / Photo: Sergei Babkin's press service

By the way, Ukrainian defenders also took part in the creation of the composition. They provided Babkin with genuine negotiations between Ukrainian soldiers via closed lines of communication, which can be heard at the beginning of the track, as well as footage of the fighting from the archive of the 127th Brigade. They can be seen in the music video for the song.

"It is important for me that this video is released on Heroes' Day, the day when we honor the defenders of Ukraine who continue their battle for the freedom of our country. I really want this song to help raise the morale of all those who are now defending our independence, our lands. There are not enough words in the world to express all the gratitude that is in my heart. Thanks to my native 127th and all the Armed Forces! It's an honor for me to write a song for real heroes," the singer said.

In general, Sergey Babkin and his wife closely communicate with the soldiers of the 127th brigade. The couple gives most of the fees for concerts to the needs of defenders. In February, Serhiy and Snizhana Babkin received honorary awards from the military for raising the moral and psychological state and morale of the personnel.

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