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In many primary and secondary schools in several cities in Serbia, messages with threatening content and bomb alerts were sent to e-mail addresses today, Tanjug reported.

After police checks, it was found that these were false signals in schools in Nis, Čačak, Gornji Milanovac, Takovo. Three secondary schools in Nis received by email this morning alerts about bombs. Police teams in Nis carried out checks in schools and found that the signals were false.

The main prosecutor's office in Niš has also been informed of the case, and it is classified as a criminal act to cause panic and unrest. After the inspection, classes in schools were resumed.

Bomb reports in more than 100 schools in Belgrade

The police station in Čačak reported that an email with a bomb alert had arrived at the email addresses of the Machine and Medical Schools. Immediately after the signal, the police arrived on the field, counter-diversionary checks were carried out and it was found that these were false signals.

As confirmed for Tanjug by the Čačak police station, primary schools in Gornji Milanovac and Takovo have received emails about bombs placed. Police checks were carried out and it was found that the signals in two primary schools in Gornji Milanovac, as well as in the schools in Praniani and Takovo, were false. After the police inspection, classes in all four schools were resumed.

Bomb signal