Ukrainian stars during the full-scale war significantly lost their income. Accordingly, their expenses also decreased.

Celebrities save and spend money on basic needs. Usually, stars provide themselves with accommodation, food and transportation. For example, for actress Ksenia Mishina, you need to have 80 thousand hryvnias per month, and for rapper Pozitiv – 500 dollars.

The editors of the site offer to find out how much Ukrainian celebrities spend per month during a full-scale war.

Vitaliy Kozlovsky

The earnings of the performer since the beginning of the full-scale war have decreased significantly. According to the artist, over the past year he held only five corporate parties. So, accordingly, the costs decreased. Basically, Kozlovsky spends money on rent, gasoline, food and other necessary things. For a comfortable life, the performer needs 50-60 thousand hryvnias per month.

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Ksenia Mishina

Before the full-scale war, the actress starred in many projects. However, the Russian invasion put Ksenia's career on hold. So Mishina lives on savings. The actress admitted that 80 thousand hryvnias would be enough for a comfortable life for a month. Most of the money goes to rent – it is 25 thousand hryvnias, and gasoline – 20 thousand hryvnias. The remaining amount is food, utilities and small expenses.

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Anatoliy Anatolich

At the beginning of a full-scale war, the presenter did not earn money at all, so he lived only on savings. Over time, Anatolich's financial situation began to improve, although the interviewer earns only 20% of the amount he had before the Russian invasion. The presenter spends more than 100 thousand hryvnias per month. A lot of money goes to pay for the French school of daughters. A significant part of the funds goes to gasoline, food, diapers and other small expenses.

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Slava Kaminska

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the singer with two small children lives abroad and is not engaged in concert activities at all. For a comfortable life in the Netherlands, Slava needs about three thousand euros per month. The singer lives on the savings she made when she was a member of the band "NEANGELY". Kaminska is also helped financially by her ex-husband, plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky, in particular, he paid for her apartment for a year. In addition, next to Slava there is a beloved man who also does not stand aside.

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The musician admitted that he almost completely lost his income at the beginning of a full-scale war. The savings that Alexey had (the real name of the artist – editor's note), he has already spent. The rapper even had to sell a car to cope with financial difficulties. Positiv was also helped by relatives and friends. Now the musician lives on $ 500 a month.

Positivity / Photo:


Because of the war, the singer, like most artists, does not have a stable income. However, she and her husband Sergei Sereda are quite economical. Spouses spend the most on groceries – it's 20-30 dollars a month. Also, a significant amount goes to rent a house and gasoline.

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Serhii Tanchynets

The leader of the band "No Limits" is now actively traveling with charity concerts. The artists of the collective transfer more than 50% of their fee to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the remaining funds are their earnings. As Tanchynets told, 2-3 thousand dollars will be enough for him personally for a comfortable life for a month. By the way, the singer's wife and children are in Japan. Sergey's beloved herself provides them with accommodation abroad.

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Masha Polyakova

The young blogger lives and studies in the UK. A girl spends more than a thousand pounds a month, which is about 45 thousand hryvnias. Financially, Masha is helped by her parents, however, they give money only for basic needs. But the blogger provides herself with entertainment thanks to blogging activities.

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