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President Rumen Radev Rumen Georgiev Radevis a Bulgarian military officer, major-general in the reserve. A former commander of GERB announced when on Monday GERBis a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in the UDF. The Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) is a Bulgarian right-wing political party, the successor of the first term. He said it would happen at 15 p.m.

The president refused to comment on other political issues, BTV reported.

"I don't want to spoil the children's holiday with political statements. We'll be back on Monday. This is not about searching, it is not a question of a lottery. There must be a sustainable policy, there must be clear principles in a represented government," Radev added.

The Head of State is in Yambol, where he welcomed the participants in the national tournament in morning gymnastics, part of the initiative "Sport with the President".

The leaders of GERB-UDF and PP-DB with a nearly two-hour meeting in the National Assembly

Rumen Radev

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Formation of a cabinet