I will make today's declaration in two capacities - as a representative of the political party that made the biggest investment in relations between Bulgaria and RS Macedonia, and as a successor of Macedonian Bulgarians. People who, fleeing the horror of the First World War, found a home in Bulgaria. This is what Georg Georgiev said in a statement on behalf of GERB-UDF. The Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) is a Bulgarian right-wing political party, successor of.

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Bulgaria-RS Macedonia Relations 1006

I turn to the representatives of RSM as relatives - at the moment our relations are in a fault line! We have reached a point where RS Macedonia's prime minister compared Bulgaria to aggressor Russia. Not only cynical, this attitude is also brazen!

"If today someone dares to compare us with the Russian Federation, we will warn him - you can not reduce us to the most treacherous aggressors," he said.

Georg Georgiev with a sharp comment against Kovachevski

I remind our neighbor that without Bulgaria there is no way the enlargement of the Western Balkans and the accession of RSM to the European Union, Georgiev added.

According to him, irresponsibility can find a solution by appointing a new stable government that will return diplomacy and international politics to the focus that will serve the Bulgarian national interest. Bulgaria was also a guarantor of the security of the entire Balkan region of Central and Southeastern Europe. If someone dares to compare us with the Russian Federation, in our hands is the tools with which we can correct this injustice, Georg Georgiev stressed.

"The achievements of several GERBgovernments GERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in, at the moment it is destroyed by an internal irresponsibility. "

It is time to think, colleagues from RS Macedonia - will we throw away all the efforts of recent decades, he asked.

"Bulgaria is Europe and Europe is Bulgaria - a matter of values and ideals," Georgiev recalled.

Bulgaria-RS Macedonia Relations

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