In Australia, a 24-year-old woman with two queens became the mother of twins.

It is reported by Daily Mail.

Madeleine Kaklikos could not get pregnant for a long time. Doctors said she would probably never have children because of a rare disease — a doubling of the uterus, in which a woman grows two uterus instead of one. According to doctors, the chances of getting pregnant and having a child with this pathology were one in 50 million.

But a few months later, Madeleine became pregnant with twins.

The couple made nine unsuccessful IVF attempts before the fetus caught on. On the ultrasound, the doctor noticed something strange in Madeleine's abdomen. As it turned out, there is a second fetus in the second uterus of Kaklikos.

The chances of getting pregnant were one in 50 million. / Photo: Daily Mail

The second child was smaller than the first. The doctor suspected that the couple conceived another child a week after IVF. It turned out that Kaklikos became pregnant with her second child naturally.

"We were advised to abstain from sex during embryo transfer, but we ignored the recommendations," the woman explained.

The patient remained under constant observation. But the pregnancy proceeded surprisingly easily, despite the unique case. Twins Nate and Cole were born at 34 weeks of pregnancy.

One child is conceived through IVF, the second - naturally / Photo: Daily Mail

"When I took my newborn twin boys in my arms for the first time, I got a motherly feeling that everyone is talking about. I never thought I would feel this feeling after hellish attempts at IVF and more than two years of trying to have a child. But I gave birth not to one, but to two children," Kaklikos said about her emotions.

Twins Nate and Cole were born at 34 weeks of pregnancy. / Photo: Daily Mail

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