A drunk man fell asleep with nine metal rings on his genitals.

Writes about it dailymail.co.uk.

A 44-year-old man from Australia used heavy-duty steel rings in the hope that it would help his erection. He then fell asleep after sex and woke up three hours later to severe pain, finding that the rings were still on his swollen genitalia.

Medics tried to remove metal rings with a diameter of 1 cm with ring nippers and bolts, but to no avail.

They then enlisted the help of firefighters who used an electric circular saw to cut the rings while the man was under general anesthesia.

Doctors at Gold Coast University Hospital in Queensland said the man was in severe pain and distress when he arrived at the emergency room.

According to an article published in Urology Case Reports, an examination found that his penis and scrotum were significantly swollen, sensitive, and bruised, prompting medics to give him intravenous opioid pain relief.

During the operation to remove the rings, a tongue depressor and gauze were used as a protective barrier between the penis and the file.

The rings were also sterilized with cold saline to prevent thermal damage to the power tool.

After all nine rings were successfully removed, doctors performed cystoscopy, a procedure for examining the bladder using a thin chamber.

The test showed that the patient's urethra was irritated and swollen, so a catheter was inserted for one week. He did not need further surgery, but in the next two months he reported minor erectile dysfunction. The patient told doctors that he had not used any drugs before the incident.

Urologists who report this case say penile suppression is rare and can cause medical emergencies because of this.

The authors wrote that there is no standard protocol for providing medical care in such a case and emergency departments often lack the equipment or knowledge of the tools needed to cut them.

According to them, the suppression of the penis for a long time can lead to the cessation of blood flow and prevent the outflow of fluid. If left untreated, it can lead to permanent damage to the penis, which in severe cases must be amputated, the report said.

Sexual pleasure, non-drug treatment of erectile dysfunction, and mental disorders have been listed as motives for using foreign objects on the penis.

As sex toys and erectile dysfunction medications become more available, the authors expect penile suppression cases to decrease.

Recall that the man was engaged in "terrible masturbation" and suddenly died. It turned out that he died because of a sex toy that hit him with electric shocks.

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