Former US Secretary of State (1973-1977), political scientist, one of the most influential geostrategists of the United States Henry Kissinger warned that humanity is on the verge of World War III.

He said this in an interview with The Economist.

Journalists noted that it is difficult for the 99-year-old diplomat to walk, but his mind remains sharp as a needle.

The situation is like on the eve of the First World War

Kissinger is concerned about increased competition between China and the United States.

According to him, in the world, the balance of power and the technological basis of warfare are changing so much that large countries do not have any well-established principle on the basis of which they could establish order. If this is not found, they may resort to force.

"We are in a classic situation, like before the First World War, when neither side wants significant political concessions and in which any imbalance can lead to catastrophic consequences," the political scientist says.

The fate of humanity is in the hands of Beijing and Washington

In his opinion, the fate of humanity depends on whether America and China can get along. Kissinger believes that countries still have five to ten years to find a way to find a way to get along. It will be more difficult further.

"They [in China] want to be powerful. They are not heading towards world domination in the Hitlerite sense," the political scientist says.

"Is it possible for China and the United States to coexist without the threat of complete war with each other? I thought and still think so. But success is not guaranteed. And so we [the United States] must be strong enough militarily to prevent defeat," Kissinger reflects.

He calls Taiwan an important stumbling block, because it will not be easy for the United States to leave the island without support and give it to Beijing without undermining its position globally.

"Instead of listing all the complaints, the American president should have said to his Chinese counterpart: "The two biggest dangers to peace now are the two of us (the leaders of the United States and China. – Ed.). In the sense that we are capable of destroying humanity," says Kissinger.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping / Photo: Associated Press

What about Ukraine

He calls the war in Ukraine "Putin's catastrophic mistake."

"But the West is not innocent either. I thought the solution... Leaving Ukraine's membership in NATO open was very wrong," the former US Secretary of State said.

Kissinger says he wants Russia to give up as much of the territory it has conquered as possible, but believes Moscow is likely to retain Sevastopol and the Black Sea base in Crimea.

"What Europeans are saying now, in my opinion, is very dangerous. Because Europeans say: "We don't want to Ukraine NATO because they are too risky. Therefore, we will arm them to hell and give them the most modern weapons," the political scientist explains.

Kissinger believes that Ukraine should be admitted to NATO.

Such a settlement, in which Russia loses some advantages but retains others, may leave both Russia and Ukraine dissatisfied, causing future confrontation. To establish lasting peace in Europe, the West needs ... that Ukraine join NATO as a means of deterring it, as well as protecting it," he said.

Include Russia and China

According to Kissinger, the involvement of China, as an ally of Russia and an adversary of NATO, in resolving the situation in Ukraine will further complicate the situation.

"China has the main interest that Russia emerges unscathed from the war in Ukraine. The collapse in Moscow would hurt China, creating a power vacuum in Central Asia that risks filling a "Syrian-type civil war."

At the same time, he doubts that China and Russia can cooperate well. According to the political scientist, both Moscow and Beijing share suspicion about the United States, but instinctively distrust each other.

"I have never met a Russian leader who would say something good about China. And I've never met a Chinese leader who says something good about Russia. They are not natural allies. Although the Chinese refuse to contribute to the destruction of Russia, they recognize that Ukraine must remain an independent country and warn against the use of nuclear weapons. They may even accept Ukraine's desire to join NATO. China is doing this partly because they do not want to conflict with the United States," concluded Henry Kissinger.

Who is Henry Kissinger and how does he feel about Ukraine

Note that Henry Kissinger is the creator and ideologist of the policy of détente of international tension (detant) with the USSR. He participated in many negotiations between the States and the Soviet Union.

He was repeatedly criticized for excessive attachment to the USSR, and then to the Russian Federation. In particular, in 2008, Kissinger opposed Ukraine's accession to NATO and stated that Ukraine should remain in the sphere "that Russians consider the space of their own identity."

On May 26, 2022, at an economic forum in Davos, Kissinger advised Ukraine to cede some territories to Russia, which caused a wave of criticism, including from President Volodymyr Zelensky.

However, in July 2022, he changed his mind and stated that Ukraine should not cede its territories. On August 13, 2022, Kissinger admitted that he was wrong when he did not support Kyiv's Euro-Atlantic aspirations and added that Ukraine should be treated as a NATO country.

Earlier, Kissinger told when the war in Ukraine would end, and announced the timing of the start of negotiations with Russia.

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