Mobil New Estate recently (5 May) revealed the murder of the caregiver's double corpse, with the 14-year-old father suffering from heart disease and the 86-year-old daughter who had been amputated due to severe diabetes, lying on the bar and bed respectively. Tragedy repeats itself, can gerontechnology be a lifebuoy?

Ngai Kit Chuang, a member of the Legislative Council of the Election Committee who is himself engaged in innovation and technology, suggested that the Government distribute the Peace Bell to the elderly living alone in Hong Kong, and at the same time take a leadership role in teaching social workers and residential care staff to make good use of gerontechnology, otherwise no amount of funding from the Government to develop related technologies will eventually become "buy a bunch of toys and play with them for a while".

Insufficient manpower for promotion and installation There is no money for maintenance of the residential care house, and the staff does not know how to operate

Mr Ng believes that gerontechnology plays an important role in the lives of the elderly, but admits that the application of gerontechnology is still not widely available in Hong Kong. He cited home exit and fall alarm systems, vital signs sensors, integrated bed monitoring systems and other detectors as examples, pointing out that many SMEs in Hong Kong have launched such products, but lack the platform and manpower to assist SMEs to install products in different homes. Even if the government subsidizes the purchase of such products in residential care homes, in the end, because the staff of the residential care homes do not know how to operate, and the residential care homes do not have the funds to pay for the maintenance of the products, the products can only be idle in the end, and the heroes are useless.

He questioned the Government's frequent "split approach", "I&T is R&D for enterprises and social welfare is for Qiqian Man (elderly and residential care homes) to buy (gerontechnology products), but there is no common goal to make the elderly live with dignity and no policy guidance."

It is recommended that children who live alone and are equipped with detectors to detect dangerous situations

Mr Ng suggested that the Government should distribute the Peace Bell free of charge to the elderly living alone, so that they can still find ways to seek help from reliable people in times of crisis, so as not to lose their salvation to death. He also suggested that children can install detectors for parents living alone, "Putting a Cam (camera) will definitely invade privacy, and many of them are detective (detecting) and (elderly) motion (action)." He also mentioned that Science Park will organise youth to set up "Ambassadors for the Elderly" to teach staff in the proper use of technology in different residential care homes, hoping that this culture and activities can be extended to more residential care homes in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong fails to use ChatGPT and Bard Wu: Pursue "all of them"

Referring to Microsoft's ChatGPT and Google's latest Bard chatbot to hit the world, but Hong Kong has become one of the few excluded regions, Ng Kit Chuang frankly said that this will affect Hong Kong's image as an international innovation and technology hub, pointing out that Hong Kong should pursue "all of them". However, he pointed out that Google "opens the door to do business, and if you like to sell than you, you can sell better than you", so he believes that the Hong Kong government should communicate with Google more actively and maintain good relations.

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