After a massive missile strike by the enemy on Kyiv on May 16, including with Kinzhal missiles, residents of the capital publish photos on social networks of the remains of missiles that are found in different parts of the capital. For example, in the Obolonsky district, the remains of ammunition were noticed next to a residential building. Another one lay right in the middle of the green zone in the city.

The Kyiv city military administration of the website said that the night complex attack on Kyiv was quite powerful.

"A lot of missiles were shot down. Given the number of enemy air objects and the large radius of combat operation of air defense systems, the spread of debris over the territory of the city has a considerable scale. All debris is systematically removed from the streets by the relevant services. If you see debris or part of a rocket, unmanned aerial vehicle, etc. on the streets, do not approach, do not contact objects. Call the police immediately," the CMVA advises.

Ukrainians, meanwhile, joke: "So you walk down the street, and a million dollars lie, you should send back."

Remnants of ammunition are also found in different districts of Kiev.

Maussy rocket attack on Kyiv: what is known

On May 16, Russia launched another massive rocket attack on Kyiv. In particular, six Kh-47M2 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles were launched at the Russian capital. All of them were shot down by Ukrainian air defense.

However, they fell in Solomensky, Shevchenko, Sviatoshynskyi, Obolonskyi and Darnytskyi districts of Kyiv. The greatest damage is in the Solomensky district. There was a fire in a non-residential premises, several cars caught fire.

In other areas, debris fell on parked cars, adjacent areas or forest park areas.

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