The vast majority of Turkish voters in Bulgaria preferred opposition presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu to outgoing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the presidential elections in Turkey, according to results of the vote abroad, announced by the Turkish newspaper Duvar and quoted by BTA.

The candidate of the opposition National Alliance won 72.57 percent of the vote in Bulgaria against 19.37 percent for Erdogan. The third candidate in the elections, Sinan Ogan of the ATA alliance, received 4.65 percent in Bulgaria, while candidate Muharrem Ince, leader of the Party of the Motherland, who announced he was withdrawing his candidacy, but Turkish election authorities said they would consider the votes valid for him - 3.42 percent.

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The results are based on 100 percent of the ballots cast for the Turkish presidential election by Bulgaria and a total of 1955,<> valid votes.

In Germany, the country with Turkey's largest diaspora, Erdogan leads with 60.58 percent to 37.71 percent for Kilicdaroglu according to the census so far (78.5 percent ballots counted). The number of valid votes in this country is estimated at 523,362.

In the Netherlands, of the 122,081 valid votes, 62.22 per cent were for Erdogan and 35.01 per cent for Kilicdaroglu. In France, where more than 97,708,91 valid votes were counted, Erdogan received 46.6 percent to 60.77 percent for Kilicdaroglu. In Belgium, 7.73 percent of Turkey's current president is 20.81 percent of the 53,37 valid vote, while his rival Kilicdaroglu gets 44.97 percent. Voters in Austria give preference to the opposition candidate, who garners support of 46.8% to <>.<>% for Erdogan (with <>.<> thousand valid ballots).

The counting of votes from abroad has not been fully completed.

A total of 3 044 387 registered voters abroad.