DAB Legislative Council Member Leung Hei attended the three-day International Trade Council Workshop 2023 in Singapore on behalf of the Legislative Council. Leung Hee took the opportunity to visit the local HDB flats today (14th), he mentioned that the Singapore government has launched a policy called "Build to order" to let more young people see the future home ownership ladder, he believes that this policy allows families to not have to worry about housing, and urged the government to refer to Singapore's experience to rekindle the dream of young people to buy a home with the "long-term HOS" scheme.

Leung Hee took the opportunity to visit Singapore's HDB flats today (14th), mentioning that the local government has introduced the "Build to order" policy to allow families not to worry about their homes, urging the Hong Kong government to refer to Singapore's experience. (Liang Xi Facebook photo)

After arriving in Singapore, Leung Xi took the opportunity to visit local houses, especially the "HDB flats", which are also the envy of many Hong Kong citizens, that is, local public housing. He pointed out that 80% of Singapore's citizens live in HDB flats, most of them are self-owned, and local residents can realize their dream of buying a home at less than a quarter of the market price, he bluntly said: "Compared with Hong Kong people who even seem to be 'sad to buy HOS', it is no wonder that Hong Kong citizens envy Singaporeans for having 'HDB flats'."

Leung also said that the average waiting time for HDB flats in the local area is three to four years, and singles must be over 35 years old to apply, but the Singapore government has introduced a policy called "Build to order" to enable citizens to "see the end" and "know that they will wait until they go upstairs after a few years of renting".

Leung Hee explains, "As long as a housing project gathers a certain number of interested purchasers, it will be arranged for construction, and interested purchasers can buy off-the-plan property before construction. In this way, families who apply can plan their home purchase direction in advance and have clear goals, so they don't have to worry about their residence."

Leung Hee pointed out that the DAB also advocated the "Long-term HOS" scheme earlier, precisely in the hope that young people can have goals and future plans, and launch a long-term HOS scheme in new development areas, setting the occupation period and allowing young people to plan the home purchase road earlier.

Leung added that this proposal actually coincides with Singapore's "Build to order", but Singapore has already implemented it, but Hong Kong has "not left a single plan". He urged the Hong Kong government to refer to Singapore's experience and the party's suggestions to rekindle the dreams of young people to buy homes through the "Long-term HOS" scheme, "and together build a goal for our young people to buy, wait and live well."

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