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"We have changed part of the road infrastructure, safety measures have been introduced, but this is not enough, because the cameras we have do not perform the function they are supposed to perform - they are only observational. That is why we propose that municipal cameras can be fined for excessive speed," said Zhivko Todorov, mayor of Stara Zagora, in "The Day Begins" on BNT.

According to him, the cameras really work.

"It is not necessary to increase the number of police and to have people in the field", Zivko Todorov added.

According to Nastimir Ananiev, deputy from the PG of the PP-DB,

this way local feudalism can be strengthened


"There are strange proposals in the Law - we give access to the systems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is added to the functions of the mayors that they can take care of public order. Nothing related to these proposals can be found in the reasons," said Nastimir Ananiev.