Moscow said the transfer of Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine leads to a "serious escalation."

This is reported by Russian propaganda media.

"Moscow regards London's decision to transfer Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine as a hostile act leading to a serious escalation," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Kremlin leaders have traditionally exploded with threats to "take all measures" to "neutralize threats."

"The Russian Federation reserves the right to take all measures to neutralize threats that may arise during the use of Storm Shadow missiles by Kyiv," the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

Storm Shadow long-range missiles in Ukraine

On Thursday, May 11, it became known that Ukraine received from Britain several long-range cruise missiles Storm Shadow before the expected counteroffensive.

Adviser to the Head of the President's Office Mykhailo Podolyak added that these long-range missiles are a very important tool for moving to the end of the war exclusively on Ukraine's terms.

Instead, the Kremlin reacted in its own way to Britain's decision and said that it was "very negative" about it. They say it is necessary to give an "adequate answer" to this.

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