He and his family drove to enjoy the scenery on the Nanhengshan Road, and there was a million in money in the car. Hu Songjunren rushed to help, and Zhuang Nan was moved to donate to help the weak.

(Provided by Guanshan Police Sub-bureau)

[Reporter Chen Xianyi/Taitung Report] A 65-year-old man surnamed Zhuang who is a businessman in the north, recently drove to Taitung Nanheng Highway with his family to enjoy the scenery. Unexpectedly, the front wheel fell into the ditch. Since there were millions of cash in the car, he hurriedly reported it. Asking for help, the Wufeng Police Station of the Guanshan Police Sub-bureau rushed to help, and the businessman asked the crane operator to help him out of trouble. Knowing that there was still a huge sum of money in the car, he rushed to protect the banknotes. "All banknotes are safe" Mr. Zhuang thanked him repeatedly and volunteered to donate 50,000 yuan Yuan thanked the gift for helping the local area, and Hu Songjunren, the director, sent love and donated this generous gift to Wulu Elementary School.

Due to wind damage, the roads were broken, and the Nanhengtai 20th Line, which had been closed for more than 13 years, was "conditionally opened to traffic" on May 1 last year. The uncanny natural beauty attracted many pilgrims.

Zhuang Nan and his family members drove there a few days ago, and they arrived at Dongshi to pay a million-dollar payment. Unexpectedly, they drove through a 177-kilometer curve. The front wheel accidentally fell into the ditch, and the car body slightly rubbed against the mountain wall.

Hu Songjunren rushed there according to the report, and immediately asked the crane operator to help. Due to the narrow road, it would take two hours for the crane to go up the mountain, so he asked Zhuang Nan to take his family to the place to rest.

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"I have 1 million yuan in the car." Fearing that the money would be revealed to the public, Zhuang Nan whispered to Hu Yuan, and when he learned that there was still a million yuan in the car, he immediately drove back to the scene with Zhuang Nan. Don't relax until you're done towing.

During the chat, I learned that Mr. Hu is very enthusiastic about public welfare, and the resources in the mountainous area are poor. Zhuang Nan offered to donate to disadvantaged families. After being recommended by Mr. Hu, he sent the love to Wulu Elementary School, so that every student can obtain educational resources.