A video posted on Facebook's "Whistleblower Commune" shows a nurse slapping a crib repeatedly.

(taken from Facebook)

[Reporter Xie Wuxiong/Taoyuan Report] Taoyuan Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare reported a case of child abuse by nurses. The deputy director of Taoyuan Hospital, Wang Weijie, said in an interview today that the hospital immediately launched an investigation after the incident. Notified the competent authority, the nurse and the head nurse were immediately transferred from their current positions, and the clinical work was staggered, and the head nurse was also reduced to a non-supervisory position, and transferred to the Performance Appraisal Conference Office to cooperate with relevant units for investigation.

In addition, the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Center of Taoyuan City Government also received a notification today that the social workers have agreed with the parents to visit and provide care to understand the situation of the child and the family. In addition, the nursing staff is suspected of being involved in the Child and Adolescent Welfare and Rights Protection Act , assess and impose a fine of 60,000 to 600,000 yuan according to the law, and provide assistance to understand the needs of the family.

City Councilor Huang Qionghui also posted a post on Facebook. Seeing this video, she felt very outrageous and angry. It is very pitiful for the child to be sent to the hospital when he is sick. Parents are worried about the child's condition outside, and the child was abused in the ward. It happened in September last year. After the incident, the nurse is still working. Whether the hospital has received a report but ignored it needs to be investigated in detail.

In addition, dozens of parents are also very worried about whether their children have lived in the pediatric ward and whether they have been treated like this. Some parents have reported that their children have some abnormal conditions after being hospitalized. They also hope that the hospital will investigate clearly. The nurse Whether the teacher has long-term child abuse and whether there are accomplices.