Pingtung County's maternity allowance is 20,000 yuan, and applications will start on May 15.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)

[Reporter Ye Yongqian/Pingtung Report] Mother's Day is approaching. Pingtung County Mayor Zhou Chunmi announced today that he will give parents a gift for raising children. Newborns who have undergone birth registration or newly established household registration in the county will receive an additional subsidy of 20,000 yuan in maternity allowances, which will be traced back to January 1 this year to support family childcare with practical actions.

According to the Pingtung County Government, according to statistics from the Ministry of the Interior, the number of newborns born last year was only 138,986, a record low. The number of births registered in Pingtung County was only 3,749, an annual decrease of 9.8% compared with 4,158 in 110 years. Parental willingness to reduce the burden on parents. The Pingtung County Government has provided transportation subsidies for birth inspections from pregnancy to confinement services after the baby is born. Today, the county magistrate Zhou Chunmi announced an increase in subsidy for maternity allowances, which has further upgraded Pingtung’s friendly child-rearing policies.

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Zhou Chunmi pointed out that newborns who were born after January 1 this year and registered at the household registration offices (including offices) in Pingtung County or initially established household registration, as long as the parents register and actually live in Pingtung If the county has reached 1 year and has not moved out halfway, you can apply for maternity allowance. Each newborn will be granted 20,000 yuan. The application period is within 6 months from the day after birth, and you can get 8 household registrations from the next week You can apply at the registered household registration office.

Zhou Chunmi said, this is a warm heart. The mother has been pregnant for 10 months. It is a happy thing to give birth to a baby. The county government sent 20,000 yuan of blessings and thoughts to reduce the burden on parents. The trend of the world is to deal with this problem in a more friendly and positive way. In order to let novice parents know the various friendly child-rearing policies introduced by Pingtung County, we will continue to launch and integrate cross-bureau related welfare and health education information at a glance. "Parenting Handbook", and "Pingtung Helps Pregnancy to Home Maternal and Infant Care Confinement Service" comprehensively expands subsidies, as long as the parents of the newborn have been registered in the county for at least one year, and the newborn has completed birth registration in Pingtung County In addition, those who need to actually live in the county during the service period will be subsidized up to 80 hours per person, hoping to make the parents of newborns more at ease.

Pingtung County Mayor Zhou Chunmi announced the distribution of 20,000 yuan in maternity allowances, which will be on the road on May 15.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)