A video was posted on Facebook's "Whistleblower Commune" in which the nursing staff kept slapping the crib, accompanied by the cry of the 3-month-old baby and the nurse's abuse.

(taken from Facebook)

[Reporter Zheng Shuting/Taoyuan Report] Nurses suspected of child abuse in Taoyuan Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare!

Facebook "Breaking News Commune" released a video today. In the video, the nursing staff kept slapping the crib. Accompanied by the cry of the 3-month-old baby, the nurse also scolded, "Your dad was still there in the morning. Look at us! Look fart! Dead eyes! Do you think so! I love being hospitalized so much! Call the social worker!" In just 15 seconds, I slapped about 10 times. After an emergency investigation, Taoyuan Hospital issued a statement to apologize at night. The nurse argued that it was just Slapping the mattress and not hitting the child, in addition to transferring the nurse involved in the case from the unit, the head nurse was also punished, transferred from the unit and demoted to a non-supervisory position, waiting for investigation, the Health Bureau and the Social Affairs Bureau of the Peach City Government have also intervened .

Netizens who broke the news claimed that "a hospital in Taoyuan was shocked by the nurse's child abuse". The video sparked discussion, but the video and PO article have been deleted. Taoyuan City Councilor Huang Qionghui reposted and backed up on Facebook. In the afternoon, it was confirmed that the hospital was Taoyuan Hospital. Preliminary Confirming that the incident happened in the pediatric ward of the hospital in September last year, Huang Qionghui criticized that the baby was sick and hospitalized. The nurse's face was not photographed, but her voice was highly recognizable. Many nurse colleagues privately messaged her and testified against Li Li.

The evening statement of Taoyuan Hospital pointed out that it received this information at 5:22 pm today and immediately launched an investigation. Mattresses, I am deeply regretful”, the hospital has notified the competent authority in accordance with the child and juvenile protection notification regulations, and both the nurse and the head nurse were transferred from the unit, and the head nurse was demoted to a non-supervisory position, waiting for investigation and transfer to the performance appraisal The conference office is deeply sorry for the occurrence of such an incident, and will review and improve.

It is reported that the baby’s family is a caring family assisted by the Social Bureau. The Social Bureau stated that after receiving the notification, it will start an investigation, including interviewing the baby’s parents, current care situation, impact after the incident and follow-up legal assistance. After the investigation, the letter will be sent The Department of Pediatrics and Children of the Social Affairs Bureau, if there is a violation of the Children's Law, it will be punished according to law; the Health Bureau stated that the part of the case involving the Nursing Personnel Law has begun to investigate, and if there is any inappropriate treatment, it will be punished according to Article 35 of the Nursing Personnel Law. If the circumstances are serious enough to revoke their practice license, and criminal liability is involved, they will be transferred to the District Prosecutor's Office.

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