Tang Feng Taichung Association Lu Xiuyan, Tang Feng: Deepen cooperation with local governments to strengthen information security.

(Picture: Provided by the city government)

[Reporter Su Mengjuan/Taichung Report] Digital Development Minister Tang Feng led a team to visit the Taichung City Government to exchange digital development issues. Tang Feng pointed out that the international situation has changed in recent years, and information security has become a common language in all counties and cities across the country. In the future, the Digital Department will continue to work with Deepen local cooperation to improve regional information security and bridge the digital gap.

Lu Xiuyan pointed out that the central government established a digital department, and Taichung also newly established a digital governance bureau. The central government’s initiative to communicate with local governments is a model. Digital governance was listed as an important political opinion, and the Digital Governance Bureau was established on the first day of the second inauguration to integrate digital technology into urban governance.

She said that Taichung is the second largest city in the country, and civil servants have a lot of work. How to serve the people is very important. With the increasing population, the manpower and expenditure of the city government will increase, which must be solved through technology, such as the development of technology law enforcement, etc.; In the other three years, the Taiwan Lantern Festival was hosted by the Zhongshi City in the front office. The natural scenery of the Houli Forest Park is too large. The city government developed an app to let the public know the location of the medical station, toilet, and lantern show, so that the technology service can be used in daily life and convenient to use.

Lu Xiuyan said that the development of science and technology should pay attention to information security. In the past, national security was dominated by the military. Now information and communication security is also the focus of national security. Local governments also need to strengthen information security. Relevant construction requires funds and technology. It is hoped that the cooperation between the central and local governments can be strengthened.

Tang Feng pointed out that the Digital Department is willing to strengthen communication and cooperation with local governments, especially with the changes in the international situation in recent years. Information security has become the common language of all counties and cities across the country. Regionally, it is the policy policy of the Digital Department to improve information security and bridge the digital gap. , will continue to deepen cooperation with local governments.

Tang Feng said that the Ministry of Digital Technology has launched a platform of 6,000 yuan for all citizens to share universal cash, which is a public construction that can be used by government agencies at all levels. It is mainly based on the common needs of cross-county cities. It will integrate everyone's needs, assist in development, and open to customization and maintenance.

Director of Digital Governance Bureau Lin Gulong pointed out that the city government is committed to urban digitalization and intelligence, and actively introduces emerging technologies in urban governance. The city government will actively seek cooperation with the central government to provide better services.