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New Delhi:

There has been a debate in the world about job security among the people regarding AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence.

The increasing dominance of AI has also brought 'white collar jobs' into its fold.

However, people are divided into two opinions regarding this.

One says that due to this the jobs will end gradually.

At the same time, some say that AI is going to bring many opportunities in people's lives.

In such a situation, the question is whether AI will create opportunities for jobs in the future or will it become a threat to jobs? 

Last week a report of the World Economic Forum has come.

After which there is a new debate about Artificial Intelligence.

In this report titled 'Future of Jobs: 2023', it was told how AI and technology together are going to eat the jobs of millions of workers in the next five years.

According to this report, in the next five years, about 8.3 crore people will lose their jobs.

Most of the jobs will go to the employees working in positions like admin and executive secretary, cashier, data entry and ticket clerk, postal service clerk, banker.

Only 6.9 crore jobs will be created in five years

Due to the increasing impact of AI, 8.3 crore jobs can be lost in the next five years due to the decrease in demand in areas like multilingualism, reading, writing math, sensory processing.

At the same time, only 6.9 crore jobs will be created in areas like creative thinking, analytical thinking, technological literacy.

This means that 1.4 crore jobs will still not be there and the reason for this will be AI.

CBSE is adding 33 new courses on AI

Amidst the concern about job security, a big initiative is being taken regarding school education in India.

CBSE is including courses related to Artificial Intelligence from class 6 to class 8.

It is being considered as a part of skill education i.e. skill development education under the new education policy.

Under this, students will be given information about Artificial Intelligence.

Coding and data science courses will also be included in this.

CBSE is including a total of 33 such new courses, which will be of 10 to 15 hours and will be optional.

AI has become an important part of life,

the question is arising that what kind of work can be done with Artificial Intelligence?

Actually, all kinds of work can be taken from AI.

The concern is about this.

From now on, Artificial Intelligence has become an important part of our life.

There are many such works, which are being done only through artificial intelligence.

For example, self driving car is coming.

Google Map has already become a part of our life.

Along with this, face detection, voice recognition, text autocorrect, automated translation, chatbot, e-payment, Apple's Siri feature and Amazon's Alexa are examples of artificial intelligence.

In the coming days, this list will get bigger and the debate about Artificial Intelligence will be even more intense.

AI opportunity or threat?

AI expert Professor Farhat Bashir Khan told NDTV, "We have been using AI since ages. Of course the interface was a bit difficult. Till now AI was not directly accessible to the common man. Coders used to be needed in the middle. Now a big change has come. Chat GPT and other similar interfaces have come, which understand our language. The same automation in our language which till now was done by coders or was embedded; are done very easily. That's why we feel that in the coming days AI will start doing all kinds of work. In such a situation, we are worried about losing our jobs."

Professor Farhat Bashir Khan further explains, "Although AI will become a great support for our GDP. It will make a big contribution to the country's GDP."

At the same time, Gagan Puri, head of Risk and Regulatory, said in a conversation with NDTV, "Artificial intelligence should be seen from the point of view of a transition (change). According to me, AI is more of an opportunity than a threat. Not only for the country, but for the entire This is an opportunity for human society to see how we can work with it."

According to the International Federation of Robotics, at present there are more than 3 million industrial robots in the world.

Apart from these, millions of robots are serving as assistants in places like homes, shopping malls.

Of course AI can be an opportunity, but the sectors where people's jobs are going and what kind of preparations are there to save jobs.

There is a need for debate on this also.

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