Significant water vapor finally appeared in the catchment area of ​​Zengwen Reservoir, which was the largest single-day rainfall in eight months.

(Photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)

[Reporter Wu Junfeng/Tainan Report] Affected by the front, it rained across Taiwan yesterday. Although it is still more north than south, there is also obvious water vapor in the upper reaches of Zengwen Reservoir, especially late at night. The maximum rainfall in a single day.

According to the observation data of the Southern District Water Resources Bureau of the Water Resources Department, the single-day rainfall in the upper reaches of the Zengwen Reservoir yesterday was 58.6 millimeters, which was the most on record in 244 days since the 59.2 millimeters on September 4 last year.

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Especially last night at 11 and 12 o'clock, the cumulative rainfall fell by more than 20 millimeters in 2 hours, bringing the accumulated rainfall in a single day to 58.6 millimeters, a new high in 8 months.

There is still moisture in the upper reaches of the Zengwen Reservoir today, but the amount of rainfall remains to be seen. The South Water Bureau estimates that this front is expected to bring an inflow of 1 million cubic meters.

As of 9 a.m. today, the water level of Zengwen Reservoir is 190.3 meters high, and the water storage rate is 6.45%. Together with Wushantou Reservoir, the total effective water storage capacity is 77.61 million cubic meters; the South Water Bureau emphasized that it will still fully control the water regime and urge the public to conserve water.