After the BLACKPINK concert ended, the MRT station was packed with fans to ride.

(File photo, photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

Business circles with promotional revenue growth of more than 30% Welcome domestic and foreign superstars to sing in Kaohsiung

[Reporters Xu Lijuan, Huang Liangjie/Kaohsiung Report] In order to fight for the nomination of the Kuomintang presidential candidate, Gou Taiming, the founder of Hon Hai Group, who claims to be "Taiwan Ah Ming", chose to hold his first rally in Kaohsiung the night before. Doubt that Kaohsiung can support a city of more than two million people with the most popular "concert economy"?

In this regard, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai responded, "He is in the election!"

However, the spokesperson of the city government, Zhou Jingyu, emphasized that according to the statistics of the Tourism Bureau, the concert economy in March and April this year has been conservatively estimated to have broken through 10.

600 million tourism output value; the Economic Development Bureau promotes concert tickets to enjoy night market promotions in the store's business district, which drives the store's revenue to grow by more than 30% All raised their hands in welcome.

Guo Taiming criticizes Chen Qimai: election language

In his speech at the Kaohsiung Campaign Conference, Terry Gou pointed out that Kaohsiung used to be the world's largest container port and the most ideal location for the Asia-Pacific cargo center, but it has disappeared. The most popular thing in Kaohsiung now is the "concert economy". This economic model It is impossible to feed this city of more than two million people.

Mayor Chen Chi-mai was questioned by the media yesterday. Regarding Terry Gou's remarks criticizing Kaohsiung's economic environment, Chen Chi-mai only briefly responded, "He is in the election!" Retort from the Minor Congressman.

MP: Get rid of industrial cities, cultural deserts

City Councilor Huang Jie pointed out in a post that "A Ming"'s speech made Kaohsiung people angry. She said that the last time Zeng Xinying came to Kaohsiung to watch BLACKPINK's concert, Guo Dong can go home and ask his wife and children if they are happy?

Emphasizes how many years of Kaohsiung's transformation, the result of today's performances by the world's largest troupe, from Hsieh Chang-ting's City Light Gallery, Chen Ju's World Games Gai Gaoliu, Chen Qimai's emphasis on the concert economy, has accumulated several generations of Kaohsiung mayors and Kaohsiung people Thanks to the efforts of Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung got rid of the impression of an industrial city and a cultural desert.

Guo Jianmeng, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, pointed out that Kaohsiung City has accelerated the construction of the music and art industry chain. It has indeed seen the economic benefits of art activities and concerts, and the economic benefits of the night market, sightseeing, catering and hotel industries. The various administrative units contributed money and efforts, and achieved fruitful results, but the money was taken away by production agencies or curators in Taipei. Local companies should be encouraged to undertake activities, or Taipei companies should be invited to set up a branch in Kaohsiung to increase the number of local personnel. Hire, pay taxes to Kaohsiung, and keep money in Kaohsiung.

Concert tickets plus night market coupons in the business circle assisted, and the business of stall vendors was booming.

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