Sisaket Volcano durian has been recognized for its excellent taste in terms of deliciousness and sweetness.

The texture is dry, smooth, sticky.

good smell

beautiful yellow color

The product will be released to the market during June-July, which is different from durian in the east and the south.

As a result, the market has a very high demand for Sisaket volcano durian.

resulting in a high selling price

by Sisaket Horticultural Research Center

has implemented a project to promote and increase production efficiency

processing agricultural products to meet standards

under activities

The development of quality durian production system and expansion of Sisaket durian fruit consisted of transferring knowledge on quality durian production of the Department of Agriculture.

Through continuous training for 8 years (2012-2019), 25 courses, 2,185 farmers

The development of a new generation of durian farmers

Production and marketing have been modified to be integrated.

To produce quality durian and increase bargaining power in the market

Construction of model plots for durian production in Kantharalak, Khun Han and Sri Rattana districts as a learning center for farmers in the area.

Create the identity of the Sisaket volcano durian to be outstanding.

Different from other places, causing "Sisaket Volcano Durian" to be registered as a geographical indication (GI).

As a result of the continuous development and promotion of quality durian production efficiency that has been carried out until now, in the year 2021, the Sisaket Horticultural Research Center has collected and selected 17 durian varieties from seeding and requested to register 1 variety on 6 Oct. July 2021, the breed name "Sisaket Durian 238" has a distinctive color and unique taste.

and distributed to farmers

in order to develop durian production in Sisaket Province

to be distinctive and unique

It is different from other planting sources.

It is expected that in 3 years, farmers in Sisaket province will turn to grow durian, about

12,000–15,000 rai and increase the area for planting more new durian varieties.