The upper reaches of the Zengwen Reservoir finally experienced significant rainfall, with the cumulative rainfall in a single day the most in eight months.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Junfeng) The central part has abundant rainfall, and the Sun Moon Lake Reservoir has made considerable profits.

(Provided by the Central District Water Resources Bureau)

Quenching Thirst and Supplementing 1.81 million tons of water in the south, Kaohsiung’s water supply pressure eased

[Reporters Liao Jianing, Wu Junfeng, Yan Hongjun, Hong Chenhong/Comprehensive Report] The first wave of the rainy season is far away, and Taiwan's reservoirs received 25.49 million tons of rainwater in two days. The central and northern reservoirs have a bumper harvest.

The Southern Reservoir received 1.81 million tons, which will help quench thirst, but the water regime needs to be stabilized, pending the arrival of the remaining rainy season front.

However, this wave of rainfall has helped the flow of Gaoping Stream to recover, easing the water supply pressure in the Kaohsiung area.

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It is expected that in early June, there will be a lot of jade purses, and there will be rain

Affected by the front, there has been rain in Taiwan for the past two days. The central region is the region with the highest rainfall in the country. Half of the top 20 rainfall in the country are in Changhua County. However, Changhua has no reservoirs and cannot retain rainwater. Groundwater is used for irrigation. Farmers are happy because of the increase in rainfall.

The rain in the Kaohsiung area happened to fall on the water catchment area and the agricultural area. It is expected that the rich jade purse in early June will receive rain. The farmers also thank God for their help.

Zengwen Reservoir soared to a single-day high in August

Although the rainfall is still more in the north and central than in the south, the upper reaches of the Zengwen Reservoir finally had long-lost water vapor, especially at 11 or 2 o'clock the night before yesterday, with a total of 58 in a single day.

Six millimeters, a single-day high in the past two or four days.

The Southern District Water Resources Bureau of the Water Resources Department estimates an inflow of about one million tons.

Nanhua Reservoir, which mainly supplies water for people's livelihood, has accumulated rainfall in the upper reaches of these two days totaling about 26.

Four millimeters, it is estimated that there will be 300,000 tons of income, but it is not enough for the current single-day control of the water output. The Jiaxian Weir has been activated to divert water from the Qishan River in Kaohsiung.

According to statistics from the Water Conservancy Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, from 7:00 am on the 6th to 4:00 pm on the 8th, the estimated total rainfall benefit of reservoirs in Taiwan reached 25.49 million tons of water, nearly 12 million tons have been stored, and there are still 1.355 ○10,000 tons to be put into storage.

As for the top five most profitable reservoirs, they are Sun Moon Lake and Wushe Reservoirs, followed by Shimen Reservoir, Deji Reservoir third, Liyutan Reservoir fourth, and Baoshan and Baoerliang Reservoirs fifth.

In terms of regions, the northern reservoir is estimated to receive 9.5 million tons, and the Shimen reservoir is the most abundant with 4.7 million tons.

The total rainfall benefit in the central region is estimated to be 14.1 million tons. The Sun Moon Lake and Wushe reservoirs, which rank first in the total rainfall benefit of the catchment area, will receive a total of 5.2 million tons, and the Deji reservoir will receive 44. 000,000 tons, and Liyutan Reservoir received 3.2 million tons.

The southern part is expected to receive 1.81 million tons, the Zengwen and Wushantou reservoirs will receive a total of 1.2 million tons, and the Lantan and Renyitan reservoirs will receive a total of 300,000 tons.