The police received 40 reports about the flight of enemy drones over the Kyiv region on the night of May 8. As a result of the attack, the grass floor caught fire.

This was announced by the Chief of the Kyiv Oblast Police Andrii Nebytov.

"We received 40 reports of an unmanned aerial vehicle overflying the 102 line this night from citizens. As a result of an enemy attack, a grassy area caught fire in one of the regions of the region. The police of the Kyiv Region and the State Emergency Service responded instantly," Nebytov said in a statement. 

He thanked the air defense forces for destroying enemy drones. 

The head of the police of the Kyiv region once again reminded Ukrainians about the need to stay in shelters during enemy attacks.

As a result of the drone attack in the Kyiv region on May 8, the grass floor caught fire / Photo: Andrii Nebytov

Drone attack on Kyiv and the region on May 8 

The Russians staged a massive attack with kamikaze drones on Kyiv and the region on the night of May 8.

And although the air defense forces managed to shoot down all 35 launched UAVs, their debris damaged a residential high-rise (windows, facades), as well as dozens of cars.

Five people were also injured as a result of falling debris.

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