Zhang Yushuimei (middle), a model mother in Hsinchu County, Xinpu Township, is 98 years old.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)

[Reporter Huang Meizhu/Hsinchu Report] Among the model mothers in Hsinchu County this year, 3 people from the towns of Kansai and Xinpu were selected. Two of the model mothers are over 90 years old, and Zhang Yushuimei, the model mother of Xinpu Town, is 98 years old. At the age of 3, 2 daughters, 2 daughters have devoted themselves to the education industry, and the spring breeze has transformed the country's seedlings. The second daughter Zhang Mingying has also won the Teacher Award and has become one of the most well-deserved model mothers this year.

Hsinchu County Mayor Yang Wenke brought a wooden plaque, a universal pot, and a glazed trophy to congratulate the three model mothers in Hsinchu County early this morning.

The county government stated that Zhan Lixiang, 67 years old, was recommended by the Hsinchu County Business and Women's Service Association.

She is a daughter-in-law who married into Hsinpu Hakka Village from Donggang, Pingtung. She has served in the Zhubei Service Center of Hsinchu Gas Company for more than 20 years. She usually enthusiastically participates in community clan associations and women's associations. Volunteer, in his spare time, he likes camping and mountain climbing, living a fulfilling life.

Zeng Yin's daughter joined the army and was honored as a model mother by the Army Command last year.

Zhang Yushuimei, 98 years old, was born in Xinpu. Her three sons and two daughters all graduated from college. It was not easy in her early years.

She attaches great importance to teaching by example, and her children are either working in foreign companies or serving in schools. Among them, the eldest daughter Zhang Wenying and the second daughter Zhang Mingying are both teachers. The former is a retired middle school principal, and the latter has won a teacher award.

91-year-old Fan Qiu Yulan from Guanxi Township has 6 children. She not only takes good care of her sick husband, but also takes care of housework and farming work, and works hard to earn money for her children to study. Under the guidance of their mother, they are also very competitive. They either serve electrical machinery or foreign companies, or start their own businesses. They can be regarded as a typical representative of a model mother who has endured hardships and rewards.

Zhan Lixiang (front 3 from right), a model mother from Hsinchu County in Xinpu Township, was commended by the Army Command last year.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)

Fan Qiu Yulan, a model mother from Hsinchu County in Guanxi Township (seat 3 from right), is a representative of hardworking mothers.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)