A stench erupted from Kamei Elementary School in Osaka Prefecture, Japan, causing 48 schoolchildren to feel unwell.

Schematic diagram of Kamei Elementary School.

(picture taken from Google Street View)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Kamei Elementary School in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, at 10:00 am today (8th), the stench broke out. The teaching staff immediately notified the fire brigade. So far, 48 students are unwell and several of them To the doctor, the condition is not serious.

According to "NHK" reports, Kamei Elementary School stated that after the stench came out, the school first evacuated the students to an open space, and waited until the classroom could no longer smell the smell before letting them go back to class.

The fire brigade revealed that there was a smell of gas outdoors near the elementary school. They are currently checking with detectors, but the source of the stench has not yet been found.

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Kamei Elementary School is located 700 meters southwest of Kuhoji Station on the JR Osaka East Line. There are many factories and residences around. The company staff next to the school revealed that the stench can still be smelled until 11 am. It feels like a very strong gas smell. , so he suspected a gas leak.