The Russian occupiers want to use "evacuations" to


residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

This is reported to the Center of National Resistance.

According to the Center, the government of the Russian Federation is discussing changes to the resolution "On the procedure for evacuating the population, material and cultural values ​​to safe areas."

"One of the issues to be discussed is the process of evacuating conscripted men. In particular, the occupiers want to filter the population in the temporarily occupied territories during the so-called evacuations. And they want to take the men to separate camps, where they will be handed over to the military commissars," it says. messages

The resolution itself also applies to the territories of the Russian Federation.

Therefore, it is likely that the Russians plan to test this process on the TOT of Ukraine with further application on the territory of the Russian Federation. 

Earlier it became known that the occupiers are forcibly

removing children

from the Zaporizhzhia region under the pretext of "holiday rest".

So, in the cities of Tokmak and Molochansk, buses ran through the streets and offered everyone to leave.

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