People in Nantou found this kind of snake in their homes twice within a week. It is a non-poisonous red-backed cypress root, also known as the "egg snake".

(The picture is taken from the "Nantou People" Facebook group)

[Reporter Chen Fengli/Report from Nantou] People in Nantou had two identical snakes in their homes. They went to the Facebook community to ask what kind of snakes they were, and worried that their homes would become snake dens.

Netizens told them that this is the red-backed pine and cypress root known as the "egg snake". It is non-toxic and can be removed with a broom.

Lin Wenlong, head of the Animal Conservation Society of Taichung City, said that the attack distance of a snake is 1/3 of its body length, and the length of its sweep is enough to keep a safe distance.

A resident of Nantou recently posted a PO article on the "Nantou People" Facebook group, saying that the snake in the photo appeared in her home twice a week. She was worried that there was a whole nest of snakes in her house, and wanted to ask netizens what kind of snake it was?

Several netizens told her that this is a kind of red-backed cypress root called "egg snake".

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Lin Wenlong, research team leader of the Taichung Animal Conservation Society, said that the red-backed pine and cypress root is a non-venomous snake with a small size. Regardless of whether it is a poisonous or non-venomous snake, the attack distance of the snake is 1/3 of its body length. Taiwan found that The longest snake is about 270 cm, and one-third of its body length is 90 cm. It is about the length of a broom or an umbrella. Therefore, as long as you keep calm, use the broom to sweep the snake into the bucket, and take it outside to belong to its habitat. Just release it in the local environment.

Lin Wenlong said that if a snake enters the home more than once, it is necessary to check whether the environment in the home is suitable for the snake to live in. Because each case is different, it is impossible to make the same suggestion. Therefore, if you have this kind of trouble, you may wish to consult the nearest county. Department of Agriculture and other relevant units.

Lin Wenlong also said that the concept of animal conservation is not only for dogs and cats, many animals also need to be cared for by people. Snakes are actually not as scary as people imagine. Usually, the snakes that invade the house are not very big, so it is a good idea to invite them out of the house. Well, try not to hurt it as much as possible.

Lin Wenlong, research team leader of the Taichung Animal Conservation Society, said that the length of a broom is longer than the attack distance of the longest snake in Taiwan, so the addition of a broom and bucket can sweep out the snakes that have invaded the home.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli)