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On the fifth day since the tragedy at the Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school in Belgrade, where a 13-year-old student shot dead nine people and wounded seven others, citizens and officials continue to leave flowers, light candles and write in a book of condolences, TV reports En1.

The Minister of Education Branko Ružić laid a wreath and signed the condolence book.

The head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Emmanuel Joffre, also laid a wreath and lined up to sign the condolence book.

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Today is the last day of the three days of mourning that was declared in the country after the mass murder that took place in the Belgrade school on Wednesday, May 3.

The next day in the evening, another mass killing was carried out by a 21-year-old youth who shot dead eight people and wounded 14 others in three villages in the area of ​​the town of Mladenovac, about 40 km south of Belgrade.

Minister of Health Danica Gruicic announced today to RTS that two of the patients injured near Mladenovac and Smederevo are in critical condition, BTA reports.

According to the minister, the girl injured in the shooting at the school is also in critical condition and her life is in danger.

Serbia's Interior Ministry has urged residents to hand over any weapons they own to the police, even without proper permits, assuring that they will not be prosecuted for doing so and questioned about the history of the weapons' origin. 

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