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Certain retirees may receive an almost double increase.

The caretaker government proposes that all pensioners with disability pensions, who have been assigned foreign aid in the TELK decision, have the right to a supplement in the amount of 75% of the social pension for old age.

This is provided for in the draft budget of the State Social Security for this year submitted to the parliament, BNR reported. 

At the moment, the foreign aid supplement of 75 percent of the old-age social pension NOI pays only to pensioners with a permanently reduced working capacity of more than 90 percent.

The new proposal is tied to the amendments to the regulation on medical expertise effective from January 31 of this year.

With them, it was allowed in certain cases for people with mental illnesses, for foreign aid to be determined at a lower percentage.

For children, foreign aid, due to the specifics of the disease, can also be determined with a lower percentage of disability. 

Payment of pensions begins on May 9

Therefore, and to protect the rights of people in one of the most vulnerable social groups, the amendment has been proposed, which will expand the number of those who will receive the supplement.

After the modernization of pensions by 12% from July 1, the social pension for old age will reach BGN 276.64. Accordingly, the supplement of 75 percent of it will be BGN 207.48.  

Another change is proposed with the social security budget - the old-age social pension for those over 70 will be granted at an income that is linked to the poverty line, rather than the guaranteed minimum income, as is currently the case 

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