Heavy police force deployed in the area after the firing incident


Another incident of firing has come to light in Serbia.

Eight people were killed and 13 others wounded late on Thursday in a shooting near a Serbian town some 60 kilometers (37 miles) south of the capital Belgrade.

The shooting took place near Mladenovac when the attacker fired from a moving vehicle with an automatic weapon and fled, RTS television reported.

Police is looking for the attacker. 

Heavy police force has been deployed in the area after the firing incident and several ambulances reached the spot.

At the same time, there is a jar of surveillance over the area even from the helicopter. 

The incidents of firing in Serbia are not taking the name of stopping.

A few days ago, the incident of firing came to light in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

According to BBC news, a 14-year-old student fired at students and security guards at a school.

Quoting the report of the local news agency Tanjug, the BBC said that at least 9 people have died in the firing.

The dead include 8 children.

Police said that a student of class VII has been arrested.

Earlier this year, a villager had shot dead 13 relatives and neighbors in Mladenovac.

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