May 6th is "Lixia", the seventh of the twenty-four solar terms. From this day onwards, summer really comes.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli)

[Reporter Chen Fengli/Nantou Report] At 2:19 a.m. on the 6th, the "Lixia" solar term entered. There is a saying in Taiwan that "Grain rains make up for mothers, and Lixia makes up for fathers". Therefore, Lixia is called "Taiwanese version of Father's Day". He would buy pig’s feet and yellow noodles to honor his father at home. Folklore expert Liao Dayi said that in addition to remembering filial piety, Lixia can also use this solar term to attract wealth and transfer. After 49 days of wealth, sprinkle it in the soil and wait for it to germinate, then you can exert the power of "scattering beans into soldiers" to attract nobles and wealth.

Lixia is the seventh solar term in the 24 solar terms. In Taiwan, there is a proverb that "grain rain nourishes the old mother, and Lixia nourishes the father". They are called "Taiwanese version of Mother's Day" and "Taiwanese version of Father's Day". Nantou still has reservations. It is a custom for the daughter to buy yellow noodles and pig's feet to go home to honor her father in Lixia. Therefore, in the past two days, people in noodle shops and pork stalls have ordered yellow noodles and pig's feet.

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Liao Dayi, an expert on folklore, said that filial piety is the foundation of being a person, and he should seize the opportunity of Lixia to go home to eat and chat with his parents, and also use this day to seek wealth and luck for himself.

This secret method of asking for money and transferring money to recruit noble people is called "Scattering Beans into Soldiers" method. It has been tried and effective before it is not hidden and exposed.

Liao Dayi adhered to the principle of "talking about money is not a religion". He emphasized that the method of "Scattering Beans into Soldiers" to recruit nobles for money and transfer is very simple and does not cost much money. You only need to prepare five colors of mung beans, red beans, soybeans, white beans, and black beans. Beans, each 12 or its multiples, represent the five elements such as wood, fire, earth, gold, water, etc., put them in a container or 5 small bottles each, and put them in the drawer on the right side of the desk, or in the cabinet of the financial position at home for 49 days , It is best to take it out and have a look at it every day, so that the Qi can communicate and generate a magnetic field, and there will be spiritual power.

Liao Dayi also said that in addition to the mutual growth of the five elements with five-color beans, each bean also carries spiritual power. After being placed for "seven to forty-nine days" (because seven is an auspicious number), it can be taken out and scattered in the garden of the home. Let them germinate and grow in an open space or a place with soil, so that you can attract nobles and fortune.

Remember that good luck and help need to wait with heart and a little time, not just a few moments.

Folklore expert Liao Dayi suggested that by using the "Lixia" solar term, you can use five-color beans such as mung beans, red beans, soybeans, white beans, and black beans to attract nobles and seek wealth for yourself.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli)

There is a saying in Taiwan that "Grain Rain nourishes mother, and Lixia nourishes father". "Lixia" is called "Taiwanese version of Father's Day". Daughters will buy pig's feet and yellow noodles to go home to honor their father.

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When "Lixia" arrives, the sun is more dazzling and the temperature is getting higher and higher.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli)