The founder of Hon Hai, Terry Gou (right), tried his best to represent the KMT in the presidential election, and went to Zhushan Zinan Temple in Nantou to pray for blessings. Unexpectedly, Guo "coincidentally" met Yu Meiren (left), who was going to be elected as a legislator. The two met unexpectedly and exchanged polite greetings .

(Photo by reporter Liu Binquan)

[Reporter Liu Binquan/Nantou Report] Guo Taiming, the founder of Hon Hai, who is trying his best to represent the Kuomintang in the presidential election, and his wife went to Nantou Zhushan Zinan Temple to pay homage. Yu Meiren, a member of the party's election legislature in Taipei City, showed up to pay her respects. The two forced a brief exchange of pleasantries, saying that there was no appointment.

Regarding the "coincidence", Yu Meiren said that her itinerary was arranged a month ago, and it was only yesterday that she found out that Guo would come. She met unexpectedly and hoped that everyone will cheer. As for whether to support Guo, Yu responded, "I support all people with ideals."

Guo Taiming’s trip to seek benefits in Taiwan, first went to Zinan Palace in Nantou, and then to the Nantou County Council. After Guo worshiped the land owner in the temple and wanted to have tea with the temple chairman Zhuang Qiuan, Yu Meiren appeared in surprise and said Also going to pay their respects, Guo and Yu met unexpectedly, which caused a lot of commotion, and the two also encouraged each other to cheer.

Yu Meiren said that her itinerary was scheduled a month ago, but it was only yesterday that she found out that Guo Taiming was coming. Yu also laughed at herself and said that during the election period, she said that she did not make an appointment "no one believed it". When asked whether she supported Guo, Yu said she supported All people with ideals, as for whether they will fight together in the election campaign, Yu said that they can cheer each other on issues of concern and similarity.

Zhuang Qiuan said that Guo Taiming is mainly visiting the Nantou County Council today, and he will go to Zinan Temple to pray if he has time before the trip. The temple is very welcoming to all believers, so he arranges incense; I paid my respects several times, and the two happened to meet each other and greeted each other politely. Since Yu is also going to elect a legislator, it is also very good to come to pay homage to the Lord of the Earth.