"TECHNOFEST", organized by the Turkey Technology Team Foundation (T3) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology in partnership with many organizations that play an important role in the development of national technology in Turkey, was held at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul from April 27 to May 1.

The festival broke the record of organization in the world with 2.5 million visitors.

APA reports that "TECHNOFEST" held in Istanbul for the first time in 2018 has become a source of pride for the people of Turkey and friendly countries.

At "TECHNOFEST", which is organized in different cities every year, Turkey's innovations in the field of defense industry and high technology are exhibited, and people get to know these innovations.

This year's "TECHNOFEST" was distinguished by innovations.

Thus, for the first time at the festival, "Bayraktar TB-3" unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), "Bayraktar KEMANKEŞ" mini smart missile and other innovations were exhibited.

Speaking within the framework of "TECHNOFEST", the technical director of "BAYKAR" company Selcuk Bayraktar said that this festival will encourage greater success in the field of high technology, defense industry, as well as the production of UAVs in Turkey.

He noted that "Bayraktar TB-3" will make its first flight this year and emphasized that Turkey has become a leading country in the field of UAVs.

Thus, "Bayraktar TB-2" was the most exported armed drone in the world and participated in the most battles.

This year, 41 main competitions in 102 different categories were held at TECHNOFEST, and 332 thousand teams and more than 1 million competitors took part in these competitions.

Prizes of more than 13 million TL and financial support of more than 30 million TL were awarded in the competitions.

In this regard, "TECHNOFEST" can be called the most successful platform for young people to focus on this field.

Considering that Turkey nationalizes the defense industry every year, it is expected that many new local products will be exhibited at the next TECHNOFEST.

Currently, 80% of Turkish defense industry products are already produced with local and national capabilities.

This, of course, enables Ankara and its allies to conduct an independent policy and ensure their security with certainty.

That is, "TECHNOFEST" is not only a distance traveled in the high technology and defense industry, but also a symbol and guarantee of Turkey's independence.