A local mother who lived together in a certain building in Fengshan fell in love with a single Tiancai in the same building in the gym.

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[Reporter Huang Jialin/Kaohsiung Report] A woman surnamed Yan and a man surnamed Lin in Kaohsiung City are upstairs and downstairs neighbors of a building in Fengshan District. The two did not know each other at first, but later met by chance in the gym and found that they lived so close to each other, and their lonely hearts gradually It was very hot, but after the incident of Yan Nu cheating on her husband Hu Nan was exposed, Hu Nan angrily sued for 500,000 yuan in compensation. The judge believed that it was impossible to prove that Lin Nan knew that Yan Nu had a spouse and developed a relationship, so he only ordered Yan Nu to pay 100,000 yuan for infringing on the spouse’s rights Yuan, subject to appeal.

The judgment pointed out that after marriage, the woman surnamed Yan and her husband Hu Nan moved to live in a building in Fengshan District. She lived on the 4th floor. She did not know Lin Nan who lived on the 15th floor of the same building. , After joining a well-known gym chain member, met Lin Nan, who is also a member of the gym by chance, and the two began to get acquainted. The single Lin Nan also fell in love with the female neighbor on the fourth floor.

Lin Nan, whose characteristics are difficult to distinguish, was sentenced to deductible compensation

After Yan Nv cheated, Hu Nan found out that his wife was strange, and secretly searched for evidence. Sure enough, in March last year, they were recorded walking out of the gym together, holding hands, walking on the road, and eating supper together at Ruifeng Night Market. Travel to Jianhu Mountain and Fengjia Night Market, and stay overnight at Motor Railway.

Hu Nan had a showdown with Yan Nv. Yan Nv denied cheating, but she was angry and sued Yan and Lin for 500,000 yuan.

During the trial in the Fengshan Simple Court, Yan Nu still denied having an extramarital affair, arguing that Hu Nan’s evidence-searching video was of poor quality, and he could not recognize who he was filming; Lin Nan also denied having an affair with his wife, arguing that Hu Nan The man photographed by the man is not him, and he doesn't know that Yan Nu is married.

The judge inspected the male characteristics in the video provided by Hu Nan in court, and found that it was impossible to tell whether the man was Lin Nan. In addition, Hu Nan could not prove that Lin Nan knew that Yan Nv was married and had a relationship with a wife. As for the part of the female Yan, the judge believed that she held hands with strange men, hooked hands, hugged the waist, and stayed alone in the hotel room for about 3 hours. The behavior has violated the rights and interests of the spouse. She should pay 100,000 yuan in compensation and can appeal.