Dr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister, bartender who has six senses

or a touch of political horror, seeing that the poll results contributed to the change in the electoral flow

"Mother Luk Chan" agrees that the poll results can hypnotize people!!

If the poll indicates which party is leading, the election results will be skewed according to the poll.

The more the results of many polls come out the same.

The more gravity the polls, the more python polls flow.

never mind

Have to look at the results of the latest 3rd "Nida Poll" survey to find out who the people support to be the real prime minister??

1st place, Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat, Kao Klai Party, swept 35.44 percent

The trend is strong from the 2nd round of survey results to 15.19 percent!!

2nd place, Ms. Phae Thongtarn Shinawatra, Pheu Thai Party, 29.20 percent

down 6.5 percent from the second round of survey results.

3rd place, Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, 14.84 percent

An increase of 1.24 percent from the second round of survey results.

4th place, Mr. Srettha Thavisin, Pheu Thai Party, 6.76 percent

increased from the second survey, only 0.71 percent, etc.

During the last curve, “Pitha”, the party has come a long way, is full of caramel!!

"Mother Luk Chan" checks the results of the survey, "Nida Poll" asks people to check their cards.

Which party constituency?

1st place, will choose a Pheu Thai Party constituency MP, 38.32 percent

The Pheu Thai Party has shrunk 8.08 percent.

2nd place, will choose MPs from the far-flung party constituencies, 33.96 percent

A single increase of 12.76 percent!!

3rd place, will choose MPs from the Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party constituency, 12.08 percent

Uncle Tu's score moved up another 1.28 percent, etc.

"Mother Luk Chan" uses political mathematics to add up the MPs from the Pheu Thai Party and the MPs from the Kao Far Party District to get 72.28 percent.

This is equivalent to 288 constituency MPs out of 400 constituency MPs in the entire House of Assembly.

Finally, "Nida Poll" checks the hearts of the people to choose.

MP for which party list?

1st place, will choose Pheu Thai Party 37.92 percent, down 9.08 percent

In second place, would choose the Progressive Party, 35.36 percent, up 13.51 percent.

In third place, would choose Lung Tu's party, 12.84 percent, up 1.44 percent.

The Pheu Thai Party plus the Kao Klai Party will grab the quota.

72 party-list MPs from the quota of 100 party-list MPs

In total, the Pheu Thai Party and the Kao Klai Party will carry up to 360 MPs out of 500 MPs from the whole House.

If Poche, as "Nida Poll" had confirmed, the two brothers and sisters had to hug their necks back home in one place??

But polls are polls.

If you want to be sure...you have to wait 9 more days to see the real thing!!

"Mother of the Moon"