The tragedy with children in Belgrade claimed at least nine lives.

A seventh grader shot and killed eight children and one adult.

The perpetrator was born in 2009.

Kosta Kecmanovic excels at school.

He made a list of which children he wanted to eliminate.

According to the latest information, the shooter is 13 years old, not 14, as was initially believed.

For this reason, he cannot be held criminally responsible and will probably be placed in a psychiatric facility.

"Vracar" neighborhood in the heart of Belgrade.

The elite school "Vladislav Rybnik" is the place where the unprecedented tragedy happened.

Eight students and the school security guard were killed by a seventh grader.

“The first thing I thought was that someone was throwing pirates in the hallway of the school and I had nothing to worry about.

But then I saw the guard fall to the floor.

I didn't think they shot him.

I went downstairs, ran and told a teacher that there was shooting upstairs.

We all hid together and waited.

Shots were heard," said a student.

“You can't imagine.

My daughter saw the man fall and someone else shoot him.

She thought he would go after her," said Astrid Melanie, mother of a surviving child, Nova TV broadcasts.

After the tragedy in Belgrade: Flowers and candles in front of the school in memory of the victims

Six children and a teacher were injured in the bloody shooting.

"A very difficult operation.

One of the children has severe brain damage, his life is in danger.

He is currently in the intensive care unit in a very serious condition," commented the director of a children's clinic in Serbia, Dr. Sinisa Dzukic.

"One of the students was brought in in serious condition.

First he was in intensive care, and immediately after that we took him into surgery.

His wounds are in the neck and chest area.

The other child was admitted with gunshot wounds below the knee.

Among the injured is a girl with wounds on her stomach and both hands.

The hospitalized teacher has gunshot wounds in the abdomen and both hands," explained the head of the Emergency Department in Belgrade, Milika Ašanin.

Serbia declared three days of mourning from Friday.

The police chief spoke about the details of the bloody event, who said that the perpetrator had planned everything.

His motive is still unclear.

"He took the gun out of his backpack and shot at the guards.

He then directed it at the innocent students who were sitting in their chairs.

He shot and killed two children.

Then he went to the history room, entered and shot the teacher and the other students.

He left the classroom, went to the school yard and called the police.

He was then arrested," explained Belgrade police chief Veselin Milic.

He added that the bloody event was planned a month ago.

"He admitted that everything was planned.

He had a list of the names of the children he wanted to liquidate," Milich specified.

The Minister of Education stated that everything possible should be done to help the survivors of the tragedy.

"We can't imagine how the children who witnessed what happened felt, the fear they felt.

What fear did the security guard and the teacher feel, who tried to protect what was most valuable to them, namely the children, and to prevent this tragedy", commented Branko Ružić.

The perpetrator of the shooting in Belgrade will not be tried

"In my 40 years of experience in health care, I have seen a lot, both as a doctor, but above all as a person.

What remains for us is to wish the children and the teacher a speedy recovery", added the Minister of Education Danica Gruicic.

The police found four Molotov cocktails and two pistols in the backpack of the juvenile killer.

They are the property of his father, who had a permit.

The 13-year-old took them from the family safe.

"According to unconfirmed information, he went with his father to shooting ranges and learned to shoot.

What can I say... Is it right for a 13-year-old child to deal with such things?", asks the Minister of the Interior, Bratislav Gasič.

Belgrade killer's father taught his son how to shoot?

The young man, whose parents are doctors, will probably be committed to a psychiatric hospital, and his father will be tried.

Because of the case, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic proposed the introduction of a moratorium on the issue and carrying of weapons.

A revision of all issued permits also begins.