At least nine people are known to have been killed in a school shooting in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on the 3rd.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A school shooting was reported in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, a country in the Balkans!

A 14-year-old student opened fire inside the school, killing nine and injuring seven.

The police have arrested the juvenile gunman and are investigating further the motive of the crime.

Based on reports from the Associated Press and the BBC, the Serbian police received a report at around 8:40 am on Wednesday (3rd) (2:40 pm on the 3rd Taiwan time), and Vlaza, a residential and commercial area in Belgrade, was notified. There was a school shooting at an elementary school in Vracar called "Vladislav Ribnikar" with eight grades.

The police pointed out that the gunman was a 14-year-old student in the seventh grade of the school. He entered the school in the morning and started shooting. It is known that 8 schoolchildren and a school guard were killed, and another 6 schoolchildren and a teacher were injured and sent to hospital.

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Witnesses pointed out that the gunman first shot at the teacher, and then pointed the gun at the students hiding under the table. Many students fled in panic when they heard the sound. Soon after, the police in heavy armor arrived and blocked off the surrounding area of ​​the school. , Successfully subdued and arrested the gunman.

It is reported that the teacher who was injured and sent to the hospital was seriously injured and was still in emergency treatment.

The report pointed out that Serbia has strict gun control, and such mass shootings are rare.

The last mass shooting was when a Balkan war veteran killed 13 people in a village in central Serbia in 2013.