KMT legislator Taoyuan City's 5th constituency has a strong smell of gunpowder. City councilor Huang Jingping is dissatisfied with current legislator Lu Yuling's team's frequent small actions. Today, he will broadcast live "Member, great question!" (taken from Huang Jingping's YT channel)

[Reporter Chen Enhui/Taoyuan Report] The KMT’s primary election for the legislators in Taoyuan’s fifth constituency (Pingzhen and Longtan), apart from the incumbent legislator Lu Yuling seeking re-election, city councilors Shu Cuiling and Huang Jingping also intend to challenge. The 3 people are still determined to vote, and decided to use the polls to determine the candidate; Huang dissatisfied with Lu's private attacks, and made public statements in consecutive PO posts that he would never withdraw from the election. Why did the live broadcast of "Dazai ask Lu Yuling" set off a war within the party?

Lu Yuling responded, "My competitor is not comrades in the party, but the Democratic Progressive Party."

Lu Yuling responded at noon today. Her competitor is not comrades in the party, but the Democratic Progressive Party. Everyone said that comrades in the party should be elected positively and not attack with words. The report that Huang Jingping talked about has nothing to do with her. Chen Wande saw The report was shared by the forwarding team. Huang should ask the reporter whether the report is true or false, instead of attacking comrades in the party. She should vote positively. She does not need to respond to some methods of smearing, labeling, and releasing fake news. .

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Lu Yuling said, "Don't bully me because I'm a woman, and don't hurt my family. This time I'm going to fight for a positive election. I will welcome more ideas from young people and staff. Elections are social movements. , is a rare experience of intergenerational integration. I want to tell you that the female power of the new generation must strive for strength. They can work hard but they can be happy. They love Pingzhen and Longtan all their lives. They will defend the folks and work hard for the continuation of the service. .”

Huang Jingping first issued a statement on Facebook PO yesterday afternoon. Whether it was coordinated by Mayor Zhang Shanzheng or the chairman of the municipal party department Huang Mingong, he never said that he would "withdraw from the election". Instead, he insisted on the party's primary election and announced it according to polls As a result, today, in addition to publishing PO articles on Facebook, there is also a live broadcast of "Ask Lu Yuling", asking Lu's husband, Chen Wande, to spread false and fake news to attack him in various LINE groups, which is simply a party insider's grasp Shaking hands, throwing poisonous hands behind the back, and the second question, do you dare to swear that you have never won non-partition legislators?

Three questions: Why did Chen Wande repost and disseminate false news about Zhang Shanzheng's persuasion?

Four questions to the Longtan District Assistant why he pressured other Member Assistants to block all local itineraries, and allowed the Assistant to call other young MPs in the party not to help him stand on the platform, and if he could even help find a place to hang advertisements, and asked Lu if he could show some orders The high degree of respect of people, instead of showing the attitude of the whole family as legislators, councilors and officials, and constantly suppressing comrades in the party.