"Rong Joke" called a meeting of a large group of investigative officers, including Bor Chor Por 7, Bor Chor Kor, Bor Bor Por and related agencies to prosecute the case of another police officer joining in a shocking case with "Am Tamil ” Extending the driver to pick Am up to Udon Thani province after poisoning Dae died.

Then drive the victim back to pawn in Nakhon Pathom province,

revealing Am's behavior addicted to online gambling.

credit card debt

Added to the blacklist credit bureau

The Sheriff's Department called for an examination of the deputy superintendent, ex-husband Am again.

Delve into the issue of knowing the brutal behavior or not.

Summary of all 14 recent victims, 1 surviving, ready to be sent to the police to coordinate the Factory Department and the FDA to search a limited partnership that sells cyanide.

Investigating, 32 bottles have already been sold, and the former deputy superintendent, Am's husband, has been moved again.

In addition, there was an order to set up a committee to investigate the connection with the case that the ex-wife committed.

In the case of several investigative units, including Bor Chor Por. 7, Bor Chor Kor, Bor Bor Por and local police with victims reporting complaints that they will be victims

under the leadership of

Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal, deputy chief of police, resolved the case of Ms. Sararat or Am Rangsiwutthaporn, 36 years old, the former wife of a deputy police officer in the area of ​​Ratchaburi province after being ripped off. The mask is related to the deaths of many friends and acquaintances.

until being arrested and prosecuted for murder by deliberate and theft, taken into custody and sent to the central women's correctional institution

Preliminary examination found that

Ms. Sararat is 4 months pregnant and had a mental illness 5 years ago but had been without treatment for 2 years while the case resolution was still progressing.

There are more than 10 more victims involved in borrowing money, car pledges, land pledges and sharing circles.

"Joke" calls a large meeting

Progress from the Association of Investigators, Police Club, at 10:00 AM on May 2, Pol. Or Am Rangsiwutthaporn, 36, accused of cyanide poisoning, killing more than ten close people to clear debts.

to summarize the progress of gathering evidence

With a team of investigators from the Crime Suppression Division and local police at many incidents in the area of ​​Bor Chor Por 7 in 5 provinces, consisting of Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi, Samut Sakhon and Samut Sakhon provinces. Nakhon Pathom Police, Post Office 4, Udon Thani Province, officers of the Forensic Science Division (OBEC) and related agencies

Bring the results of gathering additional evidence to summarize the work.

Chasing detailed evidence

After the first general meeting on April 28, the investigation team will report.

Police General Surachet

Regarding the results of the investigation, witnesses include husbands, wives, parents, relatives, or those related to the deceased.

The results of the examination of the doctor whether it is a case of post-mortem or not.

Including the results of the forensic investigation from the collected evidence.

Whether from the car of the deceased

Accused's car

the accused's house

The accused's sister's house

and the result of auditing the financial route

for a more concise investigation

It is also considering issuing an additional arrest warrant for Ms. Am in this historic brutal murder case.

And also check if anyone else knows or cooperates with Am.

In total, 14 victims died, 1 survived.

Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal revealed before the meeting that

Throughout the work week

Now the case has progressed a lot.

Today, a meeting is called to speed up the investigation of all cases.

In the latest summary, 14 people have died, 1 survived, warrants for arrest have been issued and 10 charges have been reported. There are 4 remaining cases, with all suspects attached to prison for prosecution.

Report charges against the police close to him

“At the same time, the police are investigating evidence linking to one person close to the crime involved and jointly committing the crime.

The source of cyanide has also been found in the Bangkok area.

The police asked for a search warrant from the court.

along with coordinating with the Director General of the Department of Industrial Works

and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to investigate the importation of such toxic substances

The importing company must state the purpose of the import.

And there is a way to control this toxin from leaking out.

Not to be used for other purposes

If wrongdoing is found, the importer will be prosecuted as well. It is expected that within 1-2 days, evidence can be gathered to request an arrest warrant for the offender.

Confirmed that the police had evidence that Am had committed all cases.

Both circumstantial evidence and autopsy results, ”said the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

The victim continued to report

Pol. Gen. Surachet said that

Now there is information from many parts that

There was a person who had contacted Am and died.

Investigating if there are any additional victims.

If there are any deceased relatives who have met or drank and eaten food from Am

to contact him at the police club

It also ordered the superintendent of each locality to investigate cases of unnatural deaths, such as green hands and fingernails.

Emphasizes that an autopsy is also required on May 3, Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

Kittipraphat, Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police, called a meeting of the working group.

Pol. Col. Anek Taosupap, deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, revealed that today's meeting will speed up the investigation of the case.

Ready to call for further questioning of witnesses who have already been investigated again

to inquire more details

The police chief gives suspicion.

It was also reported that

Previously, the investigative team investigating Mrs. Am's case from many agencies used to call Pol. Lt. Col. Witoon.


ex-husband who has registered for divorce

But admitting that they still have normal cohabitation behavior to investigate as a witness

Most recently, he was summoned to investigate at the police club on April 27, for more than 10 hours.

Came out to say only briefly that

After being in the news, I don't want to say much.

because I still can't make up my mind

very poor mental state

Then quickly walk back to the car immediately.

If involved, also retire from government service

After the meeting for more than 4 hours, Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, came out and said that

The key meeting is to sort out all 14 cases, including 10 cases where arrest warrants have been issued, in order to strengthen the key points of the case.

Idioms are more concise.

As for the issues involved, they are waiting for the results of the examination of the evidence from the Office of Forensic Science.

The test results are expected to be issued this evening, on May 3, to gather evidence and issue an arrest warrant.

additional stakeholders

The list must be reserved first.

but must learn from the media that

If you are a civil servant

Commander-in-Chief of Police to adopt a decisive policy, namely

to retire from government service first

Tracing the Kamphaeng Phet girl case

“As for the new case, Mrs. Ladda Kao-in, 64 years old, Kamphaeng Phet native, the mother of Ms. Montathip Kao-in or Sai, 37 years old, who died seven years ago in the area of ​​Thonglor Police Station, the official asked to check the connection. previous case

Because the mother said that

Mrs. Am came in the evening.

but arrived at a condominium in Thonglor area at one in the morning

Have to examine the surrounding witnesses to find a connection because the case has been going on since 2015, causing many parts of the evidence to disappear.

But I can be confident that it was caused by the same action, ”said the deputy commander-in-chief of the police.

Close people help build a base.

Pol. Gen. Surachet said that

Today, many traces are found in the accused's car, such as a loan contract.

From chasing links, chasing driving routes, it was found that

Mrs. Am's close person is a Chevrolet Captiva driver owned by Mr. Suthisak or Dae Poonkwan, 35, from Udon Thani Province.

When looking at the timeline, notice that

The cause will happen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for every event.

And every time Mrs. Am caused an incident, she would come back to someone close to her every time.

and must go out to the provinces with close people every time

In order to create evidence to build a residence

If there is no recommendation, this cannot be done.

The police husband drives the car to pick him up in Udon Thani.


Initially, it was very beneficial to the case.

Admitted that he was driving a white car to pick up the accused in Udon Thani Province after the incident of Nai Dae's death.

before the car was pledged in the area of ​​Nakhon Pathom Province, but the accused's ex-husband still denied that

Was not involved in or witnessed the murders that took place.

Currently ordering the ex-husband of the accused to work at the Operations Center of the Provincial Police Region 7. If found involved, he will be prosecuted according to the law and immediately discharged from government service.

While preparing to request the court to issue an arrest warrant for an additional close person within 1-2 days after being found involved in the case

But did not confirm whether it was the ex-husband of the accused or not.

Found "Am" addicted to online gambling

“As for the crime plan from the interrogation of the accused ex-husband

Including searching for preliminary evidence, it was found that the accused owed credit card debt and was pursued.

Including being blacklisted by the credit bureau

Caused by online gambling

As for the divorce between the accused and her ex-husband who is a police officer.

It is expected to be in terms of financial status within the family.

Initially, it is still in the process of investigating whether the ex-husband of the accused, who is a policeman, is insolvent or not, ”said the deputy commissioner of the police.

Wade to find cyanide sales ltd.

Later at 12:00 noon on the same day

The investigative set solves the case of Mrs. Am, the officers of the Department of Industrial Works, together with the officers of the Department of Industrial Works.

and staff from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested a search warrant from Min Buri Court to search M&P Impex Limited Partnership, No. 2/8 Chao Khun Thahan Road, Lamplatiew Subdistrict, Lat Krabang District, Bangkok. The company imported cyanide.

Initially, there was information that

Mrs. Am ordered cyanide from here, found that it was a 4-storey commercial building, 2 booths, operating a laboratory product distribution business.

Equipment, materials, chemicals related to science, there is Mr. Thiti Kluay, 41 years old, the owner of Nam Search Partnership.

to find evidence that

Is it really selling cyanide to Mrs. Am?

How can I sell it?

because it is a hazardous substance that must be controlled

32 bottles have been sold to customers

After more than 3 hours of searching, it was reported that today's search, the police followed up on the clues of the toxic bottle traces that Ms. Sararat or Am used to leave close people to bury in the ground to destroy evidence.

When examining the toxic bottle, it was found that the source the accused bought from the department store.

This limited partnership

Bring a search warrant to investigate to find out whether

who ordered

found that this partnership

Order cyanide from a factory in the Sukhumvit area that is another importer.

Initially, it was found that 32 bottles of cyanide had already been sold, and none were left.

The police will collect a list of buyers for further investigation.

Initially, no abnormalities were found.

As for the purpose of importing, the partnership staff said that

be sold to customers who use in the industry

or steel coating

In addition, the Department of Industrial Works

The karma examined and found that

The partnership imports more than 1,000 kg, or 1 ton of cyanide, which would be illegal.

For other details, progress will be announced again on May 3 at the Royal Thai Police.

The Sheriff's Office takes the second round of deputy superintendent

At the Crime Suppression Division (Bor.Por.) Progress in the case of Ms. Sararat or Am Rangsiwutthaphon

Poisoned and murdered, Ms. Siriporn or Koi Khanwong, 33 years old.


Mrs. Sararat's ex-husband comes to interrogate as a witness for the second time.

to ask for details about the circumstances surrounding some additional issues, with Pol. Col. Thongchai Yuket, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Pol. by myself

Delve into the issue of knowing the behavior

The main point that investigators from the Crime Suppression Division brought Pol. Lt. Col. Witoon for additional questioning this time.

is an issue of the relationship between

Lt. Col. Witoon and Mrs. Sararat.

The couple had frequent problems before they divorced three years ago, but they still live in the same house with separate bedrooms.

Because they have to help each other take care of the children. During that time, Pol. Lt. Col. Witoon still gave Am money to use.

But Am took it to the business of lending.

Get profits, will transfer money to you.

But the amount of money is not very high.

There is also another suspicion about the case during Ms. Sararat's accident.

Lt. Col. Witoon, did you know?

Overview of the arrest warrant for "Am Tamil"

As for the prosecution of all Mrs. Sararat who caused the victims in various localities.

Currently, 12 arrest warrants have been issued, divided into 11 warrants for murder by deliberate murder, consisting of 1. The case of Ms. Siriporn or Koi Khanwong 2. The case of Police Major Ying Nipa Saenchan 3. The case of Ms. .Rosjarin or Noi Phak Ninhoi 4. The case of Police Lieutenant Ying Kanda Torai or Captain Nui

5. The case of Mrs. Maneerat Pojanart or Teacher Tai 6. The case of Mr. Suthisak or Dae Poonkwan 7. The case of Mr. Surat or Bee Torrap 8. The case of Ms. Kanika or Ae Tuladecharak 9. The case of N. S. Nittaya or Nid Kaewbuppha 10. The case of Ms. Phusadee Samboonmee or Teacher Aod 11. The case of Mrs. Chantrarat or Jum Wongkraisin and another 1 arrest warrant for the case of attempting to kill others with consideration. is

The case of Mrs. Kantima or Pla Pas-ard, and the other two cases, namely the case of Ms. Sawitri or Rustin Budsirak, in the area of ​​Mukdahan Province and the case of Ms. Darinee or Fah Thepwi, in the area of ​​Nakhon Pathom Province, are being collected. Evidence to request the court to issue additional arrest warrants

Kasetsart University examined 400 pieces of evidence.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Weerachai Phutthawong or Ajarn Aod

Lecturer, Department of Chemistry

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Kasetsart University, as a forensic inspector looking for cyanide in witnesses, revealed that now there are almost 400 pieces of suspicious evidence sent by the police. It is expected that all evidence will be examined as soon as possible within the 5th day. This May, if some pieces of evidence still have doubts or errors

That is, the result does not come out 100 percent, must be re-examined with a more in-depth device.

It took almost a week.

confirmed that it must be examined as carefully as possible

Because criminals have to leave traces of crime.

Confirmed cyanide found in evidence

As for the issue of evidence from the house of Ms. Phusadee Samboonmee or Teacher Od, a government teacher, one of the victims in Nakhon Pathom Province, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wirachai said that

Samples in Kru Od's refrigerator contained various liquids and medicinal herbs.

The police sent it for examination on April 28 and put it in the screen on April 30, having to wait for the overnight result (overnight), the result will be released soon, however, among the evidence sent by the police. Come find some samples of cyanide.

But must wait for all the official results and let the police make a statement again

Intensive control of the deputy superintendent, former husband Am

At Ratchaburi Province, reporters inquired to

Police Department, Ratchaburi Province

In the case of a transfer order

Police Lieutenant Colonel Witoon

Rangsiwutthaphon, Deputy Superintendent of Ban Pong Police Station

ex-husband of Mrs. Am

Come to help civil service at the Ratchaburi Provincial Police Station by absent from the original position.

From monitoring from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., there were police officers working in the Ratchaburi Provincial Provincial Office, but did not find Mrs. Am's ex-husband deputy superintendent.

In front of the meeting room of the Ratchaburi Provincial Police Station, there is a black Honda Civic, license plate number RD 5665 Sukhothai, belonging to the deputy superintendent, still parked in the same place.

Set up a committee to investigate the ex-wife

As for the investigative movement at the Ratchaburi Provincial Police Station, reporters inquired about the transfer order.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Witoon


ex-husband of Mrs. Am

received an answer that

There was an order to actually stay at the Ratchaburi Provincial Police Station, absent from the original position and absent from the affiliation, Ban Pong Police Station, and must sign in and out of work every day to report to confirm that the deputy superintendent is at the office.

Ratchaburi province did not escape anywhere.

A committee to investigate the case has been set up.

And the connection in the form of the case whether he was involved in or with the ex-wife of the crime or not.

Found an anti-cyanide drug at Phi Am's house.

Pol. Col. Sommart Chantarat, Superintendent of Bang Phae Police Station, Ratchaburi Province, revealed that after inspecting the house of Ms. Chaeng and Ms. Pu, Ms. Am's older sister.

along with seizing evidence such as CCTV recording servers

Various herbal medicines in jars

along with empty capsules and capsules containing a number of herbs and interrogating Ms. Jang and Ms. Pu before requesting to collect DNA samples and send them to Kasetsart University for examination.

But some herbs contain sodium thiosulfate as an antidote to cyanide poisoning.

It can also be used to treat skin diseases.

As for the interrogation of Am's sisters, both of them provided initial benefits that had nothing to do with Am.