Imaging calligrapher Chen Shixian planned the idle Qi Nei Elementary School as the Taiwan Image Calligraphy Museum. The works on display are full of endless stories about Taiwan.

(Photo by reporter Wang Hanping)

[Reporter Wang Hanping/Baihe Report] The Taiwan Image Calligraphy Museum, which utilizes the planning of the abandoned school in Sakichi Elementary School, will officially open on May 20th. The rural village of Tainan has leaped to the international stage.

Qi Nei is the hometown of Chen Shixian, an image calligrapher. After graduating from university, Chen Shixian returned to his hometown near Qi Nei Elementary School. He concentrated on creating in the house rebuilt from an abandoned pig house. Seeing the population loss and the dismantling of the elementary school, he was inspired to invite artists. Move in and develop the idea of ​​Sakiuchi Art Village.

After the establishment of the Siraya National Scenic Area, Qi Nei Elementary School, which had been idle for many years, finally had a chance to be revitalized. Chen Shixian decided to invest in the establishment of the Taiwan Image Calligraphy Museum. Starting from his hometown, he wanted to write stories about Taiwanese and Taiwan land through the calligraphy museum. More people know Taiwan.

The Calligraphy Museum mainly exhibits Chen Shixian's calligraphy creations. Chen Shixian said that the exhibition will be changed from time to time with various themes, and each theme has endless stories about Taiwanese people and land. In addition to static exhibitions, future plans are also planned Combining with 3D animation, it presents animation videos of calligraphy.

The Calligraphy Museum also has a B&B and a camping area. Chen Shixian said that during the trial operation period, many people experienced it. After living in the United States and Taiwan, they said that they had never had such a good sleep. Some even hoped to come and live there for a month.

In addition to the quiet environment, walking nearby can also feel full of happiness.

Chen Shixian said that the difference between Taiwanese calligraphy and Chinese and Japanese calligraphy will be presented in various forms. During the trial operation period of more than two months, more than 500 people have visited, and even friends from the United States, France, Japan and other countries have expressed their wishes. Come to visit, welcome more people to visit, and stimulate possible ideas for more diversified development of the Calligraphy Museum.