The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on the Western media not to manipulate "anonymous sources", which recently began to express their opinions very often by journalists of well-known publications.


was stated

by the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko.

"Recently, publications have appeared in some foreign media that try to weaken international support for Ukraine, change the emphasis around expected counterattacks, promote "alternative" peace plans, and call into question Ukraine's course towards NATO membership. By forming distorted narratives, the authors of such materials usually refer to the comments of anonymous sources, the authenticity of which cannot be verified," Nikolenko said.

He stated that journalists of the German Press Agency (DPA), referring to unnamed interlocutors, claim that steps towards NATO membership can distract attention from "much more important support for Ukraine." 

Also, according to the DPA, new commitments to NATO may push Russia to a more aggressive war.

The agency further concludes that progress will likely be possible only after Ukraine succeeds in countering Russian aggression.

"We have important battles ahead of us, but Ukraine has already achieved impressive successes in defense against Russian aggression. In February 2022, skeptics gave Ukraine 72 hours, and optimists - a week. Thanks to the heroism of Ukrainian defenders, as well as international support, Ukraine not only survived strike, but also conducts successful operations to liberate the occupied territories. It would not be an exaggeration to call the Ukrainian army the strongest army in Europe. Ukrainians currently make the largest contribution to Euro-Atlantic security.

We have also previously heard arguments about the need to refrain from steps that could allegedly "provoke" Russia to new aggression.

As Minister Dmytro Kuleba has already emphasized, the only thing that provokes Russia is uncertainty.

Let me remind you that in 2014, when Russia occupied Crimea and started a war in the east, Ukraine was officially a non-aligned country," Nikolenko explained.

In addition, non-alignment and diplomatic efforts of many countries did not help to prevent the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"Because Moscow's goal is the complete destruction of Ukraine," the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized.

"On the contrary, progress towards Ukraine's accession to NATO will force Russia to moderate its aggression. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the current international support for Ukraine in countering the Russian occupiers does not contradict, but rather complements the process of gaining NATO membership. The future of Euro-Atlantic security is being decided on the battlefield in Ukraine, and our country's accession to NATO will guarantee the strategic security of the entire Alliance. Ukraine is not a problem, but an advantage for NATO," said Nikolenko.

In this context, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Ukraine's accession to NATO is in the interests of the alliance itself.

"Minister Dmytro Kuleba clearly outlined Ukrainian expectations: at the summit in Vilnius, Ukraine expects to receive a commitment from its allies, which will determine the path to our accession to NATO. The time for such a step is long overdue," the diplomat summarized.

We will remind, earlier the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba said that the dictator Putin

can be detained according to the decision of the International Criminal Committee at the BRICS summit, which will be held in South Africa


In addition, we previously informed that 

the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, reacted to the statements of the Western mass media about a possible failed counteroffensive and called for "work more and talk less."

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