The Russians are in a panic against the background of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces.

A man from Moscow saw a "blue and yellow saboteur pigeon" carrying a mine with the capital letter U in its claws, which it then dropped to the ground.

Baza Telegram channel reports this.

"On May 1, an alarmed man approached another part of the Academic District of the capital. He told how he saw a Ukrainian saboteur pigeon with his own eyes. The bird was painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and carried in its claws a petal mine with the capital letter U, which it then dropped to the ground ", the message says. 

It is noted that the police immediately arrived on the street where the pigeon was spotted.

The operatives carefully examined the territory, but

did not find any mines, and all the pigeons, strangely enough, were of a normal, gray color.

We will remind you that a grenade was found near a dog walking area in Moscow.

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