April 28, 2023, at the Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence 2023, Indian Billionaire Mr. Ude Kotak, CEO of Kotak Bank. Hindra says, “The US dollar is the biggest terrorist financing in the world.

Most of the world's assets are held in the form of dollars.

We need to reduce our reliance on bankers and US officials to make decisions.”

Kotak, one of the world's financial geniuses, said:

Europe cannot make the euro a reserve currency.

because the European countries are divided

The UK and Japan weren't strong enough to claim this status.

As for China, Kotak thinks there are trust issues in many countries around the world.

Your readers are probably aware that the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) is proposing a new intermediary.

or may trade with their own currency

or may be exchanged directly

The struggle against the US dollar is a result of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

The United States and the West cut Russia out of the global banking system.

It also seizes Russian dollar reserves, causing other countries to fear that their futures could be slammed in the same way as Russia.

So think of a way to escape from the influence of the US dollar today.

One reader had an e-mail asking.


As to what mechanical reason the US dollar has influence and is the number 1 currency in the world, I would like to answer that this story came from planning. 1904, President Theodore.

Roosevelt declared that the United States must adhere to the Monroe Principles by interfering in other countries' internal affairs.

At that time, the Dominican Republic was unable to repay its $32 million loan to European creditors.

European governments prepare to use military force to force the Dominican government.

President Roosevelt saw it as an opportunity to strengthen the US dollar.

Therefore receive payment instead

and then sent troops into the Dominican Republic to collect customs.

At first it was done secretly, until 1907 it was approved by the US Congress.

therefore collecting taxes openly

Theodore Roosevelt's term as president expires in 1909. The newcomer is President William Howard Taft, giving Secretary of State Filander C. Knox. Ordered US bankers to conspire to pay debts instead of the Republic of Honduras.

The aim is to gain control over the entire economy of Honduras.

and establishing the strength of the US dollar

Coincidentally, there was a revolution in Nicaragua.

which is a neighboring country of Honduras

President Taft then sent Marines to take control of Nicaragua.

Claiming to protect American interests

but when entering

The United States has policies that destroy the economy and the credibility of traditional currencies.

so that every entity of the business must rely on the US dollar

The United States has a policy of sending troops to destroy the economy and currency of many countries.

In order for the US dollar to replace and be an important currency

conscientiously in the era of President Tuft

1909 The US government wants to establish the importance of the dollar in the People's Republic of China.

President Taft then offered a large loan to China.

to build a railway in Manchuria, but China refused

The United States has repeatedly done so many countries that the world uses the dollar as a foreign reserve.

The heyday of the US dollar lasted about 100 years. China and Russia continued to talk about its influence.

But trading with yuan and ruble

which is the local currency of only 2 countries is not enough. Countries are afraid to jump in and join because they are afraid of US influence.

But now many countries are gradually joining.


or the process of replacing US paper money with other currencies.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai