Go First suspended its services for two days

New Delhi:

Go First has decided to suspend its flights on May 3 and 4 amid fund issues.

Airline chief Kaushik Khona gave this information on Tuesday.

Khona said that Go First is stopping the operation of 25 flights of its fleet.

This number is half of the total number of flights present in its fleet. 

He said that this is a very unfortunate decision.

But we had to take this decision to protect the interests of the company.

Go First says that the flights have been canceled due to operational reasons.

The company has also informed the government about the decision to suspend its flights on the 3rd and 4th, as well as the regulator DGCA has also been informed about it. 

The airline alleged in the statement that a Singapore-based intermediary ordered P&W to supply at least 10 serviceable spare leased engines by April 27, 2023, and 10 more engines (i.e. one per month) by December this year.

But P&W did not comply with the order. 

The airline said that order (of the arbitrator) directed P&W to take all appropriate steps to send (the engine) without any delay.

GoFirst will be able to come back to full operations by August-September 2023. The government is also keeping an eye on the financial health of GoFirst.

In the midst of all this, Go First is sending mail to passengers. 

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